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OUR TERMS:   Everything is guaranteed to be as described; everything is offered subject to prior sale.   Delivery in the U.S. will be by ground UPS and shipment abroad by U.S. air mail, unless we are otherwise instructed. Overnight or second-day delivery can readily be arranged at an additional charge.  Prices are net, with postage/insurance added.   Private customers not known to us are requested to pay by credit card or send a check to clear before shipment; institutions may be billed as their bureaucracies require. Pennsylvanians (only) must expect to be charged the required sales taxes. 
      VISA, MasterCard, American Express, the Discover card, PayPal, and wire payments are all welcome, as are checks drawn on U.S. banks and other U.S. bank-friendly forms of payment.  (If you decide to send credit card charging information other than via this SECURE form, please do it in at least three SEPARATE numbered e-mails — i.e., half the number, half the number, and the expiration date — or by fax or phone.)
      Members of the staff are ordinarily available to take orders and answer questions on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time) — weekends and at other hours by chance. An answering machine is active at other times.

OUR GUARANTEE:   Everything we sell is sold on approval.  Anything may be returned for any reason within 5 days of receipt, although prior notice is required and naturally the returned item must arrive back here safely (packed according to our instructions). We don't like returns and don't have many, but life is too short and money too scarce for you to keep any book that on its arrival doesn't suit. One's collection should give pleasure, not qualms.

ABOUT THIS FORM:  The form will stay active in its own window while you browse our site, so you can easily copy and paste in the titles you wish to purchase. If you wish to place an order, you must click the SEND button at the foot of this form to send it to us. If you close this window manually, your information will be deleted and not sent to us.  If you need assistance, contact the webmaster.

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