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. . . Gone WEST ca. 170 Years Ago
Ladies' Society for the Promotion of Education at the West. First annual report. Boston: Well-Spring Press, A.J. Wright, printer, 1847. 8vo. 38 pp.
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Pictures in Song” *&* in Sketch & PhotoHai-Kai”
Lafferty, Robert C. (Bob).  Scores of cheerful epigrams in hai-kai form and with sketches. New York: The Culture Press, 1929. 8vo. [4 (blank)], v–xi, [1 (blank)], 17–123, [13 (1 blank)] pp.; illus.
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The ESSAYS that Made Lamb's Reputation1st U.S. Edition
Lamb, Charles.  Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Carey (pr. by Mifflin & Parry, and J.R.A. Skerrett), 1828. 12mo (I: 18.4 cm, 7.25", II: 16.8cm, 6.6"). 2 vols. I: 292 pp. II: 230 pp. (both vols. without ads.).
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Southern, for Sure
Lambert, Mary Eliza Perine Tucker.  Poems. New York: M. Doolady, 1867. 12mo (18.3 cm, 7.25"). xi, [1], [5]–237, [1] pp. (lacking 2 plts.).
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The Slow Rise of an Oppressed & Gifted Race in the Esteem
Even of Its Worst Tormentors”
Lawrence, Eugene.  The Jews and their persecutors. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1877. 16mo (12.2 cm, 4.8"). 81, [15 (adv.)] pp.
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Highly SignificantAmerican Judaicum
Leeser, Isaac, ed. & tr.  [title in Hebrew, transliterated as] Sidure divre tsadikim kolel seder ha-tefilot mi-kol ha-shanah ke-minhag ... Ashkenaz u-Polin.... [from the added title-page in English: Philadelphia: Printed by G. Sherman, for the editor, 1848]. 8vo. viii, 242, 2–243, [1] pp.
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Ladies, Get Spry!
Lever Bros., Cambridge, Mass.  Easy to be a good cook now! No place: No publisher/printer, [ca. 1950]. 12mo (12.5 cm; 5"). [1] leaf.
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Still Thoughtful Still Thought-Provoking
Lippman, Walter.  The scholar in a troubled world. An address delivered as the Phi Beta Kappa oration at the commencement exercises of Columbia University May 31, 1932. New York: Press of the Wooly Whale, 1932. 8vo. [40] pp.
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Many Years Ago I Was Quite Intimately Associated with the Rev. Dr. Shields”
Low, Seth.  Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. [Bayard?] Stockton. North East Harbor, ME: 2 September 1904. 12mo (7" x 4.5"). 3 pp.
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On the State of Psychiatric Institutions in Mid- to Late 19th–Century America
(Lunatic Asylums).  A collection of nine annual reports from the Cincinnati Sanitarium, the Longview Asylum (of Carthage, Ohio), and the State Lunatic Asylum of New York. Cincinnati, Albany, Utica: Various publishers, 1846–48.. Itemized below.
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