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Guild, Reuben A.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones.  Brown University, [Providence, R. I.], 15 Sept. [18]64. 3 pp. Concerning Jones’s speech during the Centennial celebrations, Guild’s book, and a book by Morgan Edwards belonging to the historical society that Jones borrowed while in Providence.

Guild, Reuben A.  Signature below his photo.

“A S.W. View of the Baptist Meeting House at Providence in Rhode Island.”  Engraving.

Dunn, R.P.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Brown University, [Providence, R. I.], 24 Sept. 1864. 1 p. Asks permission to publish Jones’s speech as delivered at the Centennial celebrartion.

Dunn, R. P.  Carte de visite.

Manning, James.  Signature on the title-page from a copy of The aged minister’s friend: an address to Protestant dissenters; recommending The Establishment of a fund for Supporting or assisting their Ministers, when, either by Age or Infirmities, they are rendered unfit for the Duties of their Office. London: [s.n.], MDCCLXXXVIII. [1788].

Stennett, Samuel.  Engraved portrait, “The Rev.d Sam.l Stennett, D.D.” Pub. by William Button, 1796.

Rhode Island College (1764–1804).   Benevolentissimo ac eximia virtute, doctrinaque utilissima prædito, viro, Stephano Hopkins ... Collegii hujusce, intra coloniæ Insulæ Rhodiensis fines ... Theses hasce ... Habita in comitiis academicis apud Warren ... Id. Sept. A.D. MDCCLXIX. Apud Novum-Portum [R.I.]: ex typis Solomonis Southwick, [1769].   Theses for the first commencement. Only three copies are recorded in libraries (AAS, Rhode Island Historical Society, Massachusetts Historical Society), with a third residing in the archives at Brown.

Howell, David.  A.L.s. to Stephen Gano. Providence, 5 January 1824. Folio. 1 p. with integral address leaf.  Concerning the Charity Library.

Rogers, William, D.D.  Engraved portrait. Anroin & Smith, sc.

First Baptist Church, Warren, R.I.  Wood engraving, signed “J. Spitall.”

Brown University.  Engraved view, 1840. J.C. Thompson, del. F.O. Freeman, Eng.r, Boston.

Robbins, Asher.  A.L.s. to David L. Barnes, Esq. Newport, 1 August 1796. 1 p. with detached address leaf. Concerns maritime legal matter and how the state supreme court allowed costs.

Evans, Caleb, D.D.  Engraved portrait. 1790. Signed “L. Bateman pint. A. Fittler sculp.”

Sharp, Granville.  Photograph of an engraving of a sculpted profile.

Rippon, Rev. John.  Engraved portrait. London: R. Bonyer, 1786. Painted by R. Bowyer. Engraved by James Fittler.

Hall, Robert.  Engraved portrait. Painted by N.C. Branwhite. Engraved by J. B. Forrest.

Brown, Nicholas.  Engraved portrait. Signed, C. Harding [at left] & H. Wright Smith [at right]. With a clipped signature.

Brown, Nicholas.  A.L.s. to Rufus Babcock. Providence, 15 February 1836. 4 pp., last p. address page. On college matters including forming a collection of Dr. Maxcy’s books and manuscripts, faculty, and raising money for a chapel.

Binney, Horace.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. [Philadelphia], 24 May 1860. 3 pp.  Concerning Binney’s father, the family connections in Providence, and the family’s position in the Baptist church.

Gano, John.  Photograph of an oil portrait.

Jenkes, David.  A.L.s. to Cornelius Easton. Providence, 20 March 1754. Folio. 1 p.  Informs Easton of the death of Easton’s son, a military captain who died shortly after leaving Providence en route to Surinam.

Hopkins, Stephen; Benjamin Wilkinson; & John Hopkinson.  Partially printed document signed. Providence, 20 January 1738. Hopkins acknowledges owing the general treasurer of the colony 45 pounds.

Hopkins, Stephen, & Samuel Ward.  Incomplete A.L.s. to unknown recipient. [Providence, 1774?]. Folio. 2 pp. On “Mr. Ward’s” failure to come to the military support of the colony, on Ward’s views on slavery, on prices of West Indian goods, and on recompense for their attending and participating in the Continental Congress.

Child, S.P.  A.N.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Warren, R.I., 2 Nov. 1866.  Sending Jones examples of his and his wife’s cartes de visite.

Child, S.P.  Carte de visite.

Child, Mrs. S.P.  Carte de visite.

Jenkes, Jonathan.  Signed receipt. Providence, 21 April 1744. [and on other side of leaf] Brown, Hezekiah; & Cornelius Esten. I.O.U. Providence, 15 ?? 1742/3. 1 p.

Morton, Marcus.  Clipped signature.

Metcalf, J.  Clipped signature.

Burges, Tristan.  Clipped signature.

Ives, Robert H.  Clipped signature.

Ives, Moses.  Clipped signature.

Brown, John Carter.  Clipped signature.

Benedict, David.  Clipped signature.

Benedict, David.  Second clipped cignature.

“First Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I. Erected A.D. 1775. Joseph Brown, James Sumner, Architects.”  Engraving. J. W. Lincoln, del. G.G. Smith & J.W. Watts, sc.

First Baptist Church, Providence.  Photograph of an engraving.

Babock, Rev. Dr.  Carte de visite.

Kingsbury, John.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Brown University, Providence, n.d. [Sept., 1863]. 1 p.  Informs Jones that the Corporation of Brown University has conferred on him “the Honorary Degree “ad eundem” Master of Arts.

“Premier Eglise Anabaptiste a Providence.” Wood engraving.

“The Rev.d Samuel Stillman, D.D.[,] Pastor of the first Baptist Church at Boston in New England.”  “Published . . . May 6th, 1793.”  Engraving. J. Johnson, pinxt. T. Trotter, sculp.t

Metcalf, Thomas. A.L.s. to Rev. David Benedict. Dedham, 8 May 1835. 2 pp., and address leaf. Metcalf is preparing a new catalogue of the graduates of the university and asks Benedict to help by filling in any blanks on the list of names incorporated in his missive.

Kingsbury, John; William Goddard; & George L. Collins.  Broadside, begins: Centennial Celebration of Brown University. [below the committee members’ names:] Providence, July, 1864. 1 p.

Centennial Celebration of Brown University, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1864.  [Providence, 1864]. 3 pp.

The Order of Exercises, including printing of the Centennial Ode.

Tobey, Thomas F.  Carte de visite.

Hawes, Rev. Joel.  Carte de visite.

Kelley, E.A. Carte de visite, signed and dated (Aug. 25, 1864).

“Hancock House, Boston.” Engraving. Drawn by J. Davis. Engraved by T. Illman.

Francis, John Brown.  A.L.s. to Dr. David Benedict. Washington, 12 June 1844. 1 p. and address leaf.  Francis writes “I rec’d the remonstrance letter from Pawtucket against your removal this morning” and goes on to tell of what steps he is taking in Washington concerning the “removal.”

Guild, Reuben A.  Carte de visite.

Wayland, Francis.  Engraved portrait. “Eng.d by Wright Smith from a photog.h”

Ines, Robert H.  A.L.s. to Dr. David Benedict. Providence, 26 Sept. 1845. 2 pp., and address leaf.  On political and governmental matters.

Ines, Robert H.  A.L.s. to Dr. David Benedict. Providence, 27 May. 1850. 2 pp., and address leaf.  On Ines’s having withdrawn from the committee raising money for “the college” and the progress of the committee since his departure.

Francis, John Brown.  A.L.s. to Dr. David Benedict. Spring Green, 2 Aug. 1853. 2 pp.  Concerning the recent appointment of a Post Master.

Thurber, Charles.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Brooklyn, 16 Feb. 1869. 2 pp.  Cover letter for a photograph that Jones requested and Thurber’s take on university politics.

Thurber, Charles.  Photograph.

Thurber, Charles.  Carte de visite.

Thurber, Charles.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Brooklyn, 10 Feb. 1869. 2 pp.  Says he has lost Jones’s letter and asks Jones to explain again what he wishes.

Curtis, George W.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. New York, 12 March 1866. 2 pp.  Acknowledges receipt of Jones’s letter and accompanying “musical leaves” and then comments on the proposed “Doolittle amendment” then on the lips of all Washington.

Curtis, George W.  Carte de visite.

Anthony, Henry B.  A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Washington, Feb. 11, 1883. 2 pp.  Declines an invitation.

Howe, M.A.  DeWolfe. A.L.s. to Horatio Gates Jones. Reading, Pa., 31 January 1882. 1 p.  Hopes to be able to accept an invitation.

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