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 Gebedenboek (prayerbook, probably a getijdenboek or book of hours, including part of the Magnificat). Netherlands (probably northern). 15th century. One leaf (14 x 10 cm). Textualis hand. One two-line capital and 5 one-line capitals on each page in either red or blue.
      This is the only vernacular text in the collection. The translation is by Geert Groote. (390-7)
    # 390-7:  $850.00

Psalter. Psalm 88 (89): 13-50. England? (based on the style of spray on the verso). 15th century. One leaf (13 x 10 cm.). Textualis hand. Double-column format. 17 one-line initials on recto, 18 on verso, in alternating red and blue. One outer margin with a spray.
Offset of illuminated initial beginning 89 (90) visible in margin. Lower margin and lower outer corner of leaf damaged with loss of vellum. (517-3)
    # 517-3:  $450.00

Book of Hours  (or prayerbook?). Italy or Spain. 15th century, second half, or possibly early 16th century. One leaf (12 x 8 cm.). Southern textualis (Humanist). Recto has one two-line illuminated initial on a red and blue field with illuminated marginal vinework; verso has one two-line illuminated initial on a red and green field with illuminated marginal vinework. Both pages have some letters or words in red. (390-15)
    # 390-15:  $450.00

Book of Hours. France or Flanders. Late 15th or early 16th century. Two leaves (16.5 x 12 cm). Textualis hand. First leaf recto has one two-line illuminated capital (actually it is white and blue on a gold field) and three one-line illuminated capitals on fields of red or blue. The second leaf recto has one two-line illuminated capital (actually white and blue on a gold field). (390-5, 390-6)
    # 390-5:  $450.00
    # 390-6   (LEAF @ RIGHT):   [SOLD]

Book of Hours (includes part of the Office of the Dead). France? 15th century. Three leaves (10.7 x 8 cm). Hybrida hand. One two-line initial on two of the leaves, with ink flourishes in margins; and up to 5 small initials (red alternating with blue; one-line high) on other pages.  (390-12, 390-13, 390-14)
    # 390-12:  $175.00
    # 390-13:  $250.00
    # 390-14:  $250.00

Missal. Region unknown, but probably southern Europe. 13th or early 14th century, based on flourishing of initials. Two leaves (10.8 x 8.8 cm). Semi-textualis hand. Minuscule text in red and black. Ink flourishing on some initials.
      A nice example of just how abbreviated medieval Latin could get, even in a non-legal text such as this. (517-1, 517-2)
    # 517-1:  $450.00
    # 517-2:  $450.00

Missal. France or England. 14th century. Three leaves, two of which are a bifolium (13.2 x 8.5 cm). Textualis hand. Double-column format. Written almost entirely in red. Two illuminated two-line initials and one 8-line illuminated initial.
      Upper outer corner of the single leaf torn with loss of vellum and some few letters on two lines of each page. One illuminated initial unfortunately has “eaten” through the vellum, which is brittle; one edge is chipped, with a separated portion present that contains a few letters on each of six lines, on each side. (516-1, 516-4)
    # 516-1:  $1000.00
    # 516-4:  $400.00

Book of Hours (includes part of the Litany; possibly Flemish for English market, given the litany). France or Flanders. 15th century. Three leaves (18.8 x 13 cm). Textualis hand. As many as 14 one-line illuminated initials to as few as four. One leaf with one two-line illuminated initial. Line-fillers. One page with an illuminated vine in outer margin. (390-4, 390-8, 390-9)
# 390-4,  $650.00
# 390-8,  $650.00
# 390-9:  $650.00

Book of Hours  (includes part of the calendar). Italy; possibly, but not certainly, southern Italy (i.e., calendar lists St. Januarius, Anthony of Padua, and Athanasius, the Neapolitan). Late 15th or early 16th century. Three leaves (16 x 11.1 cm). Southern textualis hand. Ink-flourished initials in violet, red, and blue, with some gilding. Three two-line illuminated initials.
      One leaf with a square excised and filled with paper. (6000-2, 3, 4)
    # 6000-2:  $450.00
    # 6000-3:  $450.00
    # 6000-4:  $400.00

Book of Hours. France (rubricator spells “Psalm” in Middle French, “Psealme”). 15th century. Two leaves (15.7 x 11 cm). Textualis hand. Four or five one-line illuminated initials per page and line-fillers (some unusual). One two-line illuminated initial. (390-17, 18)
    # 390-17:  $500.00
    # 390-18:  $500.00

Book of Hours (includes part of the end of a prayer to St. Barbara, and the beginning of one to St. Apollonia). Normandy or Paris. Late 15th or early 16th century. One leaf (15.5 x 11.4 cm). Textualis hand. One two-line illuminated initial on each side and each side with an illuminated vine border. (390-3)
    # 390-3:  [SOLD]

Book of Hours (includes part of the Office of the Dead). Probably France. Late 15th or early 16th century. One leaf (11.6 x 9 cm). Textualis hand. Six one-line illuminated initials on fields of red on each page. (390-11)
    # 390-11:  $275.00

Missal. Region to be determined. 13th or 14th century. Three leaves (32 x 21 cm). Textualis hand.
      Recovered from one or more bindings; dark-stained from glue and binding, with illumination and other embellishments virtually obliterated. (516-4, 5, 6)
    # 516-4:  $550.00
    # 516-5:  $550.00
    # 516-6:  $550.00

Missal (includes part of the masses for Good Friday). England or northern France? 15th century. One leaf (27.8 x 23 cm). Textualis hand. Double-column format. Space left for one initial on each side, unaccomplished.
      From a binding, cut down in lower area with loss of text. Large roundish hole in text with loss to seven lines on each page. (516-7)
    # 516-7:  $550.00

Richard of St. Victor, De Trinitate, parts of. Region uncertain (German?, Italy?). Possibly 14th century. Fragments of two leaves (glued to measure 23.5 x 15.7 cm). Textualis hand. Some lines in red, some red and blue capitals (some with tails), some marginalia.
      A fragment from a binding showing the binding’s construction. One can see where the cords were on the spine, with reinforcement around them, and that the front and rear boards were not oriented the same way (rear cover upside down). (6000-1)
    # 6000-1:  [SOLD]

Book of Hours  (includes, among other things, parts of the gospel readings and some prayers).  France. Late 15th or early 16th century. 14 leaves (12.7 x 8.5 cm). Batarde hand. One- and two-line illuminated initials. (6000-5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
    # 6000-5:  $425.00
    # 6000-6:  $425.00
    # 6000-7:  $425.00
    # 6000-8:  $425.00
    # 6000-9:  $425.00

Corpus Juris Civilis. Region undetermined (England or Germany?). 13th or 14th century. One leaf (29.5 x 15 cm). Textualis hand. Text surrounded on at least three sides by gloss in a smaller-size hand. Red capitals and evidence (smeared) of some blue ones; some minute interlineation.
      Fragment recovered from a binding. 18th- or 19th-century English note in margin may suggest that this legal text was used in the binding of a scientific book: the second edition of Stoeffler’s Elucidatio fabricae ususque astrolabii, the year it was printed, in 1524. (516-2)
    # 516-2:  800.00

Missal  (or ordinal).  Region undetermined. Possibly 14th century. One leaf (13 x 10.3 cm). Hybrida hand. One red and one blue initial on each side, some underlining in red.
      Apparently part of the feast of the Invention of the Cross, but an unusual use, possibly Franciscan. (390-10)
    # 390-10:  $400.00

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