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Seceders & Covenanters . . .
Associate Reformed Church in North America.  The Constitution and Standards.... New York: Pr. by T.J. Swords, 1799. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). 612 pp., [2] ff.

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Adventures of EuphormioFirst English-Language Appearance
Barclay, John.  Euphormio's Satyricon. London: The Golden Cockerel Press, 1954. Folio (28.6 cm, 11.25"). [2], 158 pp.; 8 plts.
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Uncommon ScottishBible & Psalter
Bible.  English. 1793. Authorized (i.e., King James Version).  The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. Edinburgh: Mark & Charles Kerr, 1793. 4to (30.4 cm, 12"). [508] ff. [with]  Bible. O.T. Psalms. English.1795. Paraphrases. The Psalms of David in metre. Translated, and diligently compared with the original text, and former translations. More plain, smooth, and agreeable to the text, than any heretofore. Allowed by the authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, and appointed to be sung in congregations and families. Edinburgh: Mark & Charles Kerr, 1795. 4to. [24] ff.
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Everything You Need toNegotiate” 1857
Blackie's literary and commercial almanac.  1857. Glasgow: Blackie & Son, [1856]. 16mo (8.1 cm; 3.25"). 95, [1] pp.
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By aMEGASTAR Medical Professor
Boerhaave, Herman.  Aphorismi de cognoscendis et curandis morbis, in usum doctrinae domesticae digesti ... editio sexta. Edinburgi: R. Drummond & Soc. for G. Hamilton & J. Balfour, 1744. 12mo (15.5 cm, 6.1"). [8], 330, [24 (index)] pp.
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The End Times & the Coming of the Antichrist
Braidwood, William.  Purity of Christian communion recommended as an antidote against the perils of the latter days, in three discourses, delivered to a church of Christ in Richmond Court, Edinburgh. Edinburgh: J. Guthrie, J. Robertson, J. Ogle, et al., 1796. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [2], 92 pp.
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EVERYTHING You Need to Teach (or Learn)
  the New Way of Singing Psalms in SCOTLAND
Bremner, Robert.  The rudiments of music: Or, a short and easy treatise on that subject. Edinburgh: Pr. for the author, 1762. 8vo in 4s (16 cm, 6.25"). xix, [1], 64, 72 pp.; 3 fold. plts.
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Introducing . . .
Brockie, William.  Indian philosophy, [an] introductory paper. London: Trubner & Co. 8vo. 25 pp.
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The State of19th-Century Metaphysics
Brown, Thomas.  Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind. Andover: Mark Newman (pr. by Flagg & Gould), 1822. 8vo (22.3 cm, 8.8"). 3 vols. I: 536 pp. II: 528 pp. III: 574, [2] pp.
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Scotland's National Poet plus England's Best Illustrators
Burns, Robert.  Poems & songs. London: W. Kent & Co., 1861. 8vo (22.8 cm; 9"). xvi, 272 pp., illus.
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Rabbie, Nicely Bound
Burns, Robert.  Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. London: John Sharpe (pr. by C. Whittingham), 1824. 12mo (16.6 cm, 6.5"). Engr. title-page, vii, [1], 264 pp.; 4 plts.
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One Newly Titled — One New AccountEntirely
Chamberlayne, John. Magnæ Britanniæ notitia: Or, the present state of Great Britain, with divers remarks upon the antient state thereof...the two and twentieth edition of the south part call'd England, and first of the north part call'd Scotland; with improvements.... In two parts. London: Pr. for Timothy Goodwin, Matthew Wotton, Benjamin Tooke, Daniel Midwinter, and George Wells, 1708. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). Frontis., [10], x, [10], 756, [27 (index)], [1 (blank)] pp.
The frontispiece portrait, engraved by R. White, depicts Queen Anne.
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The Free Will Debate: Anti-Libertarian, Pro-Necessitarian
Crombie, Alexander.  An essay on philosophical necessity. London: J. Johnson, 1793. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). [4], viii, 508 pp.
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