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WOMAN Author / WOMAN Printer LONDON, 1775
(A Classic “Necessity”).  Brook, Mary. Reasons for the necessity of silent waiting, in order to the solemn worship of God...third edition. London:  Mary Hinde, 1775. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [2], 31, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Most Salutary & Important Advice”
Atmore, Charles.  Serious advice, from a father to his children, respecting their conduct in the world; civil, moral, and religious. Philadelphia: J.H. Cunningham, 1819. 12mo (13.4 cm, 5.25"). Frontis., 36 pp.
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Sermons from anInfluential Quaker
Crisp, Stephen.  Sermons or declarations, made by Stephen Crisp, one of the antient preachers amongst the people called Quakers. Taken in short hand, as they were delivered by him. Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Crukshank, in Third-Street, opposite the work-house, 1773. 8vo (16.9 cm; 6.625"). 60 pp.
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Gough, John.  A history of the people called Quakers. From their first rise to the present time. Dublin: Robert Jackson, 1789. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). 3 (of 4) vols. I: x, [2], 546, [10 (index)] pp. (pagination skipping 294 to 297, text complete and uninterrupted). II: [2], 557, [11] pp. III: 526, [10] pp.
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Second Edition (?) New” Fourth Volume Present
Gough, John.  A history of the people called Quakers. From their first rise to the present time. Dublin: Robert Jackson, 1790. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). 4 vols. I: x, [2], 542, [10 (index)] pp. II: [2], 557, [11] pp. III: 526, [10] pp. IV: 573, [7] pp.

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Honeywood, St. John.  Poems ... some pieces in prose. New York: Pr. by T. & J. Swords, 1801. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.75"). viii, 159, [1 (errata)] pp.

The ESSAYS that Made Lamb's Reputation1st U.S. Edition
Lamb, Charles.  Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Carey (pr. by Mifflin & Parry, and J.R.A. Skerrett), 1828. 12mo (I: 18.4 cm, 7.25", II: 16.8cm, 6.6"). 2 vols. I: 292 pp. II: 230 pp. (both vols. without ads.).
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Quaker Meditations A Neat Compendium
  Two Women in the Contents Womanly Provenance, Too
[Law, William]. An extract from a treatise on the spirit of prayer, or the soul rising out of the vanity of time into the riches of eternity. With some thoughts on war. Remarks on the nature and bad effects of the use of spirituous liquors. And considerations on slavery. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1780. 12mo (16.3 cm, 6.45"). 84 pp. [bound with] Webb, Elizabeth. A letter...to Anthony William Boehm, with his answer. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1783. 44 pp. [with] [Benezet, Anthony].  In the life of the lady Elizabeth Hastings... [Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1784]. 8 pp.
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ArguingBaptism with the QUAKERS
Leslie, Charles.  A discourse; shewing, who they are that are now qualify'd to administer baptism and the Lord's-Supper. Wherein the cause of Episcopacy is briefly treated. London: C. Brome, W. Keblewhite, & H. Hindmarsh, 1698. 4to (22 cm, 8.7"). [8], 62, [2 (adv.)] pp.
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Stark Naked, & Carrying a Fiddle”
Leslie, Charles.  The snake in the grass: or, Satan transform'd into an angel of light. Discovering the deep and unsuspected subtilty which is couched under the pretended simplicity of many of the principal leaders of those people call'd Quakers. London: printed for Charles Brome, 1696. 8vo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). [6], cccxlii [i.e. ccclii], 271, [1] pp.
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A “Philadelphianum” (Published in Boston)
Mitchell, Silas Weir.  The hill of stones and other poems.  Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. 16mo. iv, 98 pp.
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The End Times According toMUGGLETON
Muggleton, Lodowick.  A true interpretation of the eleventh chapter of the Revelation of St. John, and other texts in that book; as also many other places of Scripture. London: Pr. for the author, 1662. 4to (18.9 cm, 7.4"). [16], 172, [2 (blank)] pp.
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Muggleton, Lodowick. An answer toIsaac Pennington [sic], Esq; his book intituled, Observations on some passages of Lodowick Muggleton’s interpretation of the 11th chapter of the Revelations.... London: Pr. by subscription, 1719. 4to (21.1 cm, 8.25"). [2] ff., 24 pp.
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Rank Confusion” Get the Joke?!
[Nares, Edward].  Heraldic anomalies; or, rank confusion in our orders of precedence, With disquisitions, moral, philosophical, and historical, on all the existing orders of society. By It Matters Not Who. London: G. and W.B. Whittaker (pr. by R. Gilbert), 1823. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). 2 vols. I: xxii, [2], 334, [2 (1 blank)] pp. II: [4], 372 pp.
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I Now Write Only to Those of the Learned Order”
Norris, John.  Treatises upon several subjects, formerly printed singly, now collected into one volume. London: Printed for S. Manship at the Ship near the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill, 1697. 8vo (19.2 cm; 7.625"). [16], 448, 443–506 pp.
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Reading Recommended by William Penn
Saltmarsh, John.   Sparkles of glory, or some beams of the morning star. Wherein are many discoveries as to truth and peace. To the establishment and pure enlargement of a Christian in spirit and truth. London: Reprinted for William Pickering [colophon: J. Whittingham], 1847. 12mo (14.1 cm, 5.6"). [8], xx, 212 pp.
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Wise, WARM Advice to aYoung Philadelphia Woman
V[aux], R[oberts].  Autograph Sentiment Signed (with initials) for Isabella Walsh. [Philadelphia]: 18 January 1828. Small 4to. 1 p.
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