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BOOKS with discoverable provenance do NOT necessarily command a premium price over other copies of the same edition. For example, the famous Sunderland Library at Blenheim was pleased to gatheranything interesting — it was wonderfully omnivorous! And that two of the books below are "Sunderland Copies" makes them cost no more — it only gives them a bit more charm for the same price, as the Sunderland sale was a major 19th-century biblio-event.

BUT! where it was a collector's pride and passion to collect only the finest copies of only the finest editions, or to have his books bound only by the finest binders of his era — and where he was careful always to maintain them in ways that kept them in peak condition — that's a different story. Copies carrying that collector's bookplate probably will cost a bit more than other copies not really because of the "snob factor" in his onetime ownership, but simply because they are likely to be such

THE SIGNATURE in a 16th- or 17th-century scholar's working copy or a 19th- or 20th-century bibliographer's copy a cookbook bearing an 18th- or 19th-century century woman's name, with a note as to where she bought it — the 19th-century volume specially bound and inscribed to be a gift, or even a copy of a "souvenir" pamphlet with some long-ago tourist's name written on the cover — such ownership indications connect us to earlier book users and lovers in ways that bear notice.

Yet not USUALLY in ways that make one pay more.

(“AHA”)!  Browsers of these PROVENANCE pages may have noticed many recent entries designating good books as “from the library of American collector Albert A. Howard,” and browsers who had not noticed this may be glad of direct advice that anything coming from that library is likely to present multiple points of interest. ALL browsers may appreciate knowing that a keyword search for “Albert A. Howard” pursued from HERE (sans quotation marks) will return a list of books having the “small booklabel (“AHA”) at rear”; the list is unillustrated, but extended and variously sortable, and it includes many items not displayed below although possibly present in other PRB&M web catalogues. The distinctive grey and white Howard booklabel is shown at left and right, on a crimson background.


This ALDINE in a Beautiful Copy with Excellent Provenance
(“AHA”)!  (Anthologia Graeca Aldina).  Planudes, Maximus, comp.  [First five lines in Greek transliterated as] Anthologia diaphoron epigrammaton, archaiois suntetheimenon sophois, epi diaphorois hypothesesin, eis hepta tmemata dieremene. [then in Latin] Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum in septem libros distinctum, diligenti castigatione emendatum. Cui nonnulla nuper inventa in fine adiecta sunt, una cum indice tam rerum, guam auctorum copiosissimo. Venetiis: Apud Aldi filios, 1550–51. Small 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). 288, [12] ff.
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    Narrow Escape!Dangerous Publication
     Surreptitiously Printed & a Pseudonym Used
(“AHA”)!    Hotman, François.  De furoribus Gallicis, horrenda & indigna Amirallij Castillionei, nobilium atq[ue]; illustrium virorum caede, scelerata ac inaudita piorum strage passim edita per complures Galliae ciuitates, sine vllo discrimine generis, sexus, aetatis & conditionis hominum: vera & simplex narratio. Edimburgi [i.e., London: Printed by Henry Bynneman], 1573. 8vo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). CCXII [i.e., 212] pp.
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Whena Judge Needs to Be REMOVED from a Case
Aboim [Aboym], Diogo Guerrreiro Camacho de.  Tractatus de recusationibus omnium judicum, officialiumque tam justitiae commutativae, quam distributivae utriusque fori tam saecularis, quam ecclesiastici, sive regularis, à nemine ut par erat, in lucem editus, nunc primùm in lucem datus. Conimbricae: Ex officina Joannis Antunes, 1699. Folio (30 cm; 12") [16] ff., 445, [1] pp.
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A PERUVIAN INCUNABLEIn Spanish, Quechua, & Aymara from
the Press ofAntonio Ricardo, primer impressor en estos Reynos del Piru
Acosta, José de; Juan de Atienza (attrib. authors).  Tercero cathecismo y exposicion de la doctrina christiana, por sermones. Para que los curas y otros ministros prediquen y enseñen a los Yndios y a las demas personas. Impresso ... en la Ciudad delos Reyes [i.e., Lima]: Por Antonio Ricardo, 1585. Small 4to in 8s (20.5 cm; 8.125"). [7 of 8], 215 ff., lacking title-leaf (supplied in facsimile) & final blank; 13 ff. supplied from another, shorter, copy.
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Famous Maps of the Holy LandBased on Sources Now Lost
Adrichem (a.k.a. Adrichom), Christiaan van.  Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et biblicarum historiarum cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis. [colophon: Coloniae Agrippinae: Officina Birckmannica, sumptibus Arnoldi Mylij, 1590]. Folio (38.5 cm; 15.125"). [6] ff., 286 pp., [15] ff.; [12] fold. or double-page engr. maps.
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Brunet: Belle Édition”Sole Italian EstienneTall Copy
Alamanni, Luigi.  La coltivatione di Luigi Alamanni al christianissimo re Francesco Primo. Parigi: Ruberto Stephano, 1546. 8vo (20.8 cm, 8.2"). [2], 154, [2] ff.
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Elegantly Bound Prayer Book
Albach, J. S.  Heilige Anklänge. Gebete für katholische Christen. Pesth: Julius Müller, 1850. 16mo (16 cm; 6.25"). Engr. frontis., engr. t.-p., 474 pp., 4 plts.; illus.
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Signed Binding —Pure Gold
Albin, Thomas, ed.  Pure gold from the rivers of wisdom. Edited by the author of “Affection's keepsake.” New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1841. 32mo (10.5 cm; 4.25"). [1 (ads)] f., 126 pp., [2 (ads)] pp.; frontis. (included in pagination).
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One Poem on an Air Balloon” & a *FUNNY* One Called
“A Receipt for Writing a Novel”
Alcock, Mary.  Poems, &c. &c. by the late Mrs. Mary Alcock. London: C. Dilly, 1799. 8vo. vii, [3], 183, [1] pp. (lacking subscribers list).
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Beloved Reading & REMMEMBERANCE”
A Sentimentally Significant Copy

  See, its Loving PROVENANCE Notes
Allestree, Richard.  The whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way, for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader. London: Pr. by J. Leake for E. Pawlet, 1715. 8vo (20 cm, 7.9"). [4], xii, 503, [9] pp.; 2 plts.
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Splendid Ceremony for a Sad Remembrance, with thePLATE
Alvitez, Alejo de.  Puntual descripcion, funebre lamento, y sumptuoso tumulo, de la regia doliente pompa, con que en la Santa Iglesia Metropolitana de la Ciudad de los Reyes, Lima, corte de la America Austral, mando solemnizar las reales exequias de la serenissima señora, la señora doña Mariana Josepha de Austria, reyna fidelissima de Portugal, y de los Algarves, el dia 15. de marzo de 1756. [Lima: Juan Jose Gonzalez de Cossio, 1757]. 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). [2] ff., 79, [1 (blank)], 80–237 pp., [4], [49] ff., fold. plate, illus.
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Inspirational 19th-Century AMERICAN Children's Book
Anderson, Eliza Hill.  Memoir of Mary Lothrop: who died in Boston, March 18, 1831, aged six years and three months. Boston: Perkins & Marvin; Lincoln & Edmands; & James Loring, 1832. 24mo (14.9 cm, 5.875"). Engr. frontis., 108 pp.
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A Cremonan Attached to Pope Julius' Entourage onthe Passion of Christ
Andreas Piperarius Cremonensis.  Andreae Piperarii Cremonen[sis] protonotarii ap[osto]lici & Julii. II. Pont. Max. cubicularii Or[ati]o de passione Jesu Christi redemptoris nostri. [Rome?]: [publisher not identified], 1508. Small 4to (20.5 cm; 8"). [10] ff.
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HOPE that You Never Receive a Gift ofPenny Royal”!
Anonymous.  Language of flowers. London: Rock Brothers & Payne (Boot, printer, Dockhead), no date [ca. 1850]. Miniature (49 mm; 1.95"). 100 pp., [14] ff. (ads).
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It Looks LikeWhat an Incunable is SUPPOSED to Look Like
Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence.  Summa theologica. [colophon: Argentina {i.e., [Strassburg}: Johannem {Reinhard} Grüninger, 1496]. Folio (32.5 cm; 12.5"). Vols. I & II (in one volume) of V. I: [173 of 174] ff. (lacking first leaf of vol. 1); [225 of 226] ff. (without the final blank].
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Printing for the Other Side?
Apostolic canons.  [first four words in Greek, transliterated as] Kanones ton agion apostolon. Canones sanctoru[m] apostolorum. Unà cum latina interpretatione. Parisiis: Apud Andream Wechelum sub Pegaso, in vico Bellouaco, 1556. 4to (23 cm, 9"). 27, [1] pp.
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ALDINEAllegory & OCCULT Philosophy
Apuleius, Lucius, Madaurensis.  L. Apuleii Metamorphoseos, sive Lusus asini libri XI. Floridoru IIII. De Deo Socratis I. De philosophia I. Asclepius Trismegisti dialogus eode Apuleio iterprete. Eiusdem Apuleij liber de dogmatis Platonicis. Eiusde liber de mundo, que magna ex parte ex lib. Aristotelis eiusde argumenti in latinum traduxit ... Apologiae II. Isagogicus liber Platonicae philosophiae per Alcinou[m] philosophum, graece impressus... Venetiis: In aedibus Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1521. 8vo (15.1 cm, 6"). 266 (i.e., 264), [28] ff. (foliation erratic).
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Classic Texts, Freshly Uncovered
Aristophron, Pan, comp. & ed.  [in Greek, transliterated as] Platōnos Akadēmeia homologia epi tē anakalypsei tou peripatou. En Oxphordē: En tō Typographeio tou Panepistēmiou, Iōannēs Tzōnson Typographos, 1937. Folio (33.7 cm, 13.25"). [11] ff.
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A “Gift Copy”Textured Olive Green Calf byBayntun-Riviere
Arnold, Matthew.  The poems of Matthew Arnold, 1840–1867. London: Oxford University Press, Humphrey Milford, 1937. 12mo (18.4 cm; 7.25"). xxvii, 460 pp.
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A Freshly Edited EditionA Reader's Markings
Athenagoras. [part of title transliterated from Greek] Tou en hagiois patros hēmōn Athēnagorou Athēnaiou philosophou zōzomena [sic]. S. Patris Athenagorae philosophi Atheniensis opera, ad Mss. fidem recognita. Oxonii: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1682. 12mo (13.7 cm; 5.375"). [4], 281, [3] pp.
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On the Resurrection of the Dead
Athenagoras, & Girolamo Falletti, trans.  Della risurrettione de' morti. In Venetia: [Paolo Manuzio, i.e., Aldine Press], 1556. 4to (21.5 cm, 8.5"). [4], 56 [i.e., 60] ff.
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His Treatise ChrysopoeiaOn Transmutation of Metals into GoldIs Anticipated Here
Augurelli, Giovanni Aurelio.  I. Aurelius Augurellus [poemata]. Venetiis: In aedibus Aldi, 1505. 8vo (16.3 cm; 6.375"). [256] pp.
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Retrospective” Engraved InteriorStunning Signed Binding
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.  S. Augustines manuell, or litle booke of the contemplation of Christ, or of Gods worde, whereby the remembraunce of the heavenly desires whiche is falne a sleepe may be quickned up agayne. [colophon: London: Reprinted by Spottiswoodes & Shaw, 1850]. 32mo (15.3 cm, 6"). [2], 115 pp.
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UNexpurgated by the Mexican Inquisition
  MS Notes in NAHUATL in Addition
Avila, Francisco de.  Arte de la lengua mexicana, breves platicas de los mysterios de n. santa fee catholica, y otras para exortacion de su obligacion a los indios. Mexico: Por los herederos de la Viuda de Miguel de Ribera Calderon, 1717. 12mo. [13], 36, [1] ff.
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Bacon, Francis.  Sylva sylvarum, sive historia naturalis, in decem centurias distributa. Lug. Batavor.: Apud Franciscum Hackium, 1648. 12mo (12.9 cm, 5.1"). Add. engr. t.-p., [34], 612, [48], 87, [1] pp.
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Baily's Central American SurveyVolcanic Illustrations
Baily, John.  Central America; describing each of the states of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica; their natural features, products, population, and remarkable capacity for colonization. London: Trelawney Saunders, 1850. 8vo (20.7 cm; 8.25"). Frontis., xii, 164 pp.; 2 plts.
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The Middle Period ofAmerican Textile ManufactureA “How To”
Baldwin, Amos A.  The loom-fixers' manual. Containing rules and instructions for setting up and operating the Crompton, and the Knowles looms; the production of cloth on cam looms; spreading the warp threads in the process of weaving; and other valuable information to loom-fixers, weavers, and all others interested in weaving. Brasher Falls, NY: A.A. Baldwin, 1883. 12mo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 102 pp., [5 (ads)] ff., illus.
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The Andrade Set inQuarter Red Morocco
Barcía, Andrés González de.  Ensayo cronologico, para la historia general de la Florida. Madrid: Imprenta de los Hijos de Doña Catalina Piñuela, 1829. 12mo. 2 vols. I: [2] ff., 508 pp., fold. table. II: [2] ff., 512 pp.
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Limited to 200 CopiesA Polyglot “Song of Moses”
Bargès, Jean Joseph Léandre.  Notice sur deux fragments d'un Pentateuque hébreu-samaritain rapportés de la Palestine par M. le sénateur F. de Saulcy. Paris: Imprimerie Polyglotte Édouard Blot, 1865. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.6"). [6], 91, [1] pp.; 1 fold. plt.
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The Private Edition, One of 12 Copies Only
A Family Copy
    [A Conundrum Here as to “Original” Bindings]
Barham, R. Harris.  The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby Esquire [with] The Ingoldsby legends ... Second series. London: Richard Bentley, 1840 & 1842. 8vo. 2 vols. I: [6], v, [3], 338, [2] pp. with inserted extra-engraved title (a proof before letters), numbered colophon leaf, engraved title, and six etched plates; II: vii, [3], 288 pp. with engraved title and seven etched plates.
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The Great Tools Used in the Work of the World”
Barnard, Charles.  Tools and machines. New York: Silver, Burdett & Co., [1903]. 12mo (19 cm, 7.5"). 164 pp.; illus.
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Opera quae exstant”NOT
Basilius Seleucensis.  [five lines in Greek, the] B. Basilii Seleuciae Isauriae Episcopi, qui I. Chrysostomo contubernalis fuit, Opera quae exstant. [Heidelberg]: In bibliopolio H. Commelini, 1596. 8vo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). 8, 408 pp.
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Country ComedySacker Binding
Bell, Lilian.  At home with the Jardines. New York: A. Wessels Company, 1906. 8vo (19 cm; 7.5"). 322 pp.
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Mexican Colonial Illuminated Art on Paper & Vellum
The Berdugos ofSeville, Arevalo, Zacatecas, & Mexico City
(Don Martin Entered America Illegally & Became an Hidalgo Anyway)
Berdugo de Avila Haro y Velasco, Martin, & Agustin Berdugo de Avila Haro y Velasco.  Manuscript on paper, in Spanish. Carta de hidalguia. Seville, Zacatecas, Mexico City: 1788.
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An AFRICAN Utopia, asDescribed to the INQUISITION
[Berington, Simon].  The adventures of Signor Gaudencio di Lucca. Being the substance of his examination before the fathers of the Inquisition at Bologna, in Italy: Giving an account of an unknown country in the midst of the deserts of Africa, the origin and antiquity of the people, their religion, customs, and laws. Copied from the original manuscript in St. Mark’s Library, at Venice. With critical notes by the learned Signor Rhedi. To which is prefixed, a letter of the secretary of the Inquisition, shewing the reasons of Signor Gaudentio's being apprehended, and the manner of it. Translated from the Italian. Philadelphia: Re-printed by William Conover, 1799. 12mo (18 cm; 7.125"). 320 pp.
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Authorship in QuestionElizabeth Allde's Printing, NOT
Bernardus Claraevallensis (Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint).   Saint Bernard his meditations, or, sighes, sobbes, and teares upon Our Saviours passion, in memoriall of his death; also his motives to mortification, with other meditations. London: Printed by E[lizabeth] A[llde] for Robert Allot, 1631–32. 12mo (14 cm; 5.5"). 2 parts in 1 vol. I: [7] ff., 439, [1] pp. (p. [440] blank); II .[3] ff., 243, [3] pp. (pp. [244–[46] blank; numbers 127–36 omitted in the sequence).
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Bernesque Poetry at its Finest
Berni, Francesco; Giovanni Mauro; & Others.  Tutte le opere del Bernia in terza rima, nuovamente con somma diligentia stampate. [Venice?: s.n.], 1540. 8vo (15.1 cm, 6"). 168 ff.
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8th-Century Spanish Settlers in theYucatan!
Opera veramente molto curiosa, & dilettevole” for Italian Readers, 1556
Beuter, Pere Antoni.  Cronica generale d'Hispagna, et del regno di Valenza. Nella quale si trattano gli avenimenti, & guerre, che dal diluvio di Noe insino al tempo del re Don Giaime d'Aragona, che acquistò Valenza in Spagna si seguitarono: insieme con l'origine delle città, terre & luoghi piu notabili di quella, & di tutte de nationi, & popoli del mondo: opera veramente molto curiosa, & dilettevole. In Vinegia: appresso Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari, 1556. Small 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [38] ff., 533, [3] pp., map.
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Lovely French PrintingGORGEOUS! French Binding
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas.  Œuvres diverses du Sieur D*** avec le traité du sublime ou du merveilleux dans le discours, traduit du Grec de Longin. Paris: Claude Barbin (pr. by Denys Thierry), 1674. 4to (25.3 cm, 10"). π2A–R4S8T–Y4Z1*4a2-4b–o4; Frontis., [4], 178, [12], [3]–102, [10 (index & colophon)] pp., 1 plt.
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A Reference forIrish Justices, UPDATED
Bolton, Richard.  A justice of peace for Ireland: Consisting of two books; the first, declaring the exercise of that office by one or more justices of the peace out of sessions; the second, setting forth the form of proceeding in sessions, and the matter to be enquired of and handled therein. Dublin: Pr. for J. Leathley & T. Moore, and O. Nelson, 1750. 4to (26.8 cm, 10.5"). [2], xiv, 586, 292 pp.; 2 tables.
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Plates by Leclerc, Sole Elzevir Edition, Olshki Provenance
Bonarelli della Rovere, Guidubaldo. Filli di Sciro, favola pastorale. Amsterdam: nella stamperia del D. Elsevier; et in Parigi si vende apresso Thomaso Jolly, 1678. 24mo (10.5 cm; 4.125"). Engr. title-page (included in pagination), 168 pp., 5 engr. plts.
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An Exchange of RemembrancesPlacing” an Important Chronometer
(Bowditch, Nathaniel).  Letter Signed by the children of Nathaniel Bowditch to William Cranch Bond. Boston: 30 June1840. 8vo (10" x 7.75"). 1 p., with integral address leaf.
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WithSigned Lithograph & Leather Portfolio
Brach, Paul.  Paul Brach drawings March 10 – April 3, 1990. New York: Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, [1990]. Oblong 8vo (25.4 cm, 10"). [16] pp.; illus.
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Deluxe Signed Limited Edition PUBLISHER'S COPY:  Life of a Science Fiction Pioneer
(Bradbury, Ray). Weist, Jerry. BRADBURY: An illustrated life.  A journey to far metaphor. Hampton Falls, NH: Donald M. Grant, 2004. Folio (29.2 cm, 11.5"). [36], xxvi, 195, [1] pp.; illus.
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Large Scale” in Several Respects . . .
62 Engravings & Bedford Bound

A Classic of English Antiquarianism, Illustration, & Book-Making 
Brayley, Edward Wedlake.  The history and antiquities of the abbey church of St. Peter, Westminster: Including notices and biographical memoirs of the abbots and deans of that foundation. London: J.P. Neale for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, 1818–23. Folio (37.9 cm, 14.9"). 2 vols. I: [18], 227, [19], 72, [10] pp.; 13 plts. II: [2], 304, [40] pp.; 49 plts.
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EVERYTHING You Need to Teach (or Learn)
  the New Way of Singing Psalms in SCOTLAND
Bremner, Robert.  The rudiments of music: Or, a short and easy treatise on that subject. Edinburgh: Pr. for the author, 1762. 8vo in 4s (16 cm, 6.25"). xix, [1], 64, 72 pp.; 3 fold. plts.
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A Short Line RAILROAD IsProposed
Bridgeport Railroad Committee.  Broadside. Begins: Circular. To the Inhabitants of the Ousatonic Valley. Fellow Citizens: — The facilities ofr travel and transportation through the country increase the wealth and comfort of the community. Bridgeport : 30 January 1836. Folio (12.75"). 2 pp.
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Brown University.  Celebration of the one hundreth anniversary of the founding of Brown University, September 6th, 1864. Providence: Sidney S. Rider & Bro., 1865. 4to (26.5 cm; 10.25"). [4] ff., 178 pp., [1] f.
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The Fruits of the Spirit
Bunyan, John.  The barren fig-tree: Or, the doom and downfall of the fruitless professor: Showing that the day of grace may be past with him long before his life is ended. Also, the signs by which such miserable mortals may be known. London [i.e., York?]: A. Millar, W. Law, & R. Cater, 1797. 12mo (12 cm, 4.75"). 106 pp.
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. . . but Bunyan Wrote MORE than Allegory!
Bunyan, John.  The doctrine of the law & grace unfolded: or, a discourse touching the law and grace. The Nature of the one, and the Nature of the other: Shewing what they are, as they are the Two Covenants; and likewise who they be, and what their Conditions are, that be under either of these Two Covenants. Wherein, For the better Understanding of the Reader, there is several Questions answered touching the Law and Grace, very easie to be read, and as easie to be understood, by those that are the Sons of Wisdom, the Children of the Second Covenant. Also, Several Titles set over the several Truths contained in this Book, for thy sooner finding of them; which are those at the latter end. London: printed for Will. Marshall, at the Bible in Newgate-Street, 1701. 12mo (15.7 cm; 6.125"). [16], 8, 11–204, 203–70 pp. Lacks the portrait and pp. 9–10 of text.
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Really Printed inKilkenny, not Cologne
Burke, Thomas.  Hibernia Dominicana. Sive Historia Provinciae Hiberniae Ordinis Praedicatorum. Coloniae Agrippinae [i.e., Kilkenny]: ex typographia Metternichiana sub Signo Gryphi, 1762. 4to (23 cm; 9.125"). xv, 797, [1] pp. (as with many copies, lacking pp. 137–47 and the supplement).
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Rabbie, Nicely Bound
Burns, Robert.  Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. London: John Sharpe (pr. by C. Whittingham), 1824. 12mo (16.6 cm, 6.5"). Engr. title-page, vii, [1], 264 pp.; 4 plts.
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I Never Showed Any Aptitude for Study or Literature at School”
Butler, Samuel.  Butleriana.  Bloomsbury: Nonesuch Press, 1932. (23.4 cm, 9.5"). xvi, 172, [4] pp.; illus.
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