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PHILADELPHIA Has Printed MANY a Bible . . .

First Complete Bible Printed in the NEW WORLD
in a European Language
   An Imperfect Copy (Priced Accordingly!)Still Treasurable!
Bible.  German. 1743. Luther. [Biblia, das ist: Die Heilige Schrift Altes und Neues Testaments, nach der Deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers, mit jedes Capitels kurzen Summarien, auch beygefügten vielen und richtigen Parllelen {sic}. Germantown: Gedruckt bey Christoph Saur, 1743]. 4to (26.3 cm, 10.375"). [2] ff. (supplied in facsimile), 995, [1 (blank)], 277, [1] pp., [1] f.
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Saur Psalms, 1764
Bible.  O.T. Psalms. German. Luther. 1764.  Das kleine Davidische Psalterspiel der Kinder Zions. Germantown: Gedruckt bey Christoph Saur, 1764. 12mo. [3] ff., 570 pp., [12] ff.
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The “Gun Wad” BibleThe First Bible Printed
fromType Cast in America
Bible.  German. 1776. Luther.  Biblia, das ist: Die ganze Göttliche heilige Schrift Alten und Neuen Testaments. Germantown: Gecruckt und zu finden bey Christoph Saur, 1776. 4to. 2 pts. in 1 vol. [2] ff., 992 pp,; 277, [1] pp., [1] f.
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American 18th-CenturyIllustrated Lectern Bible
Bible.  English. 1796. Authorized (i.e., King James Version).   The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments...and the Apocrypha. Philadelphia: Pr. by Jacob R. Berriman for Berriman & Co., 1796. Folio (42.2 cm, 16.7"). [748] pp. (2 final ff. of back matter lacking); 18 plts.
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Campbell’s GOSPELS in theirFirst! American Edition
Bible.  N.T. Gospels. English. 1796. Campbell. The four Gospels, translated from the Greek. With preliminary dissertations, and notes critical and explanatory. By George Campbell. Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson, 1796. 4to (27.7 cm, 10.9"). vii, xvi, 488, 196 pp., [8] ff.
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Pr. by A. Bartram”Philadelphia, 1799
Bible.  N.T. Gospels. English. 1799. Campbell.  The four gospels, translated from the Greek. Philadelphia: Pr. by A. Bartram, 1799. 4to. viii, xvi, 488 pp.; 196, [8] pp.

AT LEAST THREE “FIRSTS”First English Septuagint
First American-Translated English N.T.First Bible Printed by an American Woman
Bible.  English. 1808. Thomson.  The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the Old and New Testament: Translated from the Greek. By Charles Thomson.  Philadelphia: Pr. by Jane Aitken, 1808. 8vo (22 cm; 8.5"). 4 vols. I: [252] ff. II: [245] ff. III: [222] ff. IV: [240] ff.
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A Philadelphia KJV w/ Scott’s Commentary
Bible.  English. Authorized (i.e., King James version). 1814. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with copious marginal references; also, the introductions to all the books and chapters in the Bible, with the general preface, as affixed to the commentary of Thomas Scott, D.D. Philadelphia: William W. Woodward, 1814. 2 vols. in 1. 4to (24.1 cm, 9.5"). [441], [160] ff.

A Nice Little Greek N.T. withLexicon
Bible.  N.T. Greek. 1848.  [one line in Greek, then] Novum testamentum ad exemplar Millianum, cum emendationibus et lectionibus Griesbachii...Studio et labore Gulielmi Greenfield. Hanc editionem primam Americanam, summa cura recensuit, atque mendis quam plurimis expurgavit, Josephus P. Engles. [issued with] The Polymicrian Greek Lexicon to the New W. Greenfield. Philadelphia: Henry Perkins, 1848. Philadelphia: Henry Perkins, 1848. 16mo. Testament: [2], 571, [3] pp.; 3 maps. Polymicrian: i iv, 281, [1] pp.; 1 plt.
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