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An Edition withBarton’s Additions
Saint-Pierre, Jacques Henri Bernardin de. Studies of nature...translated by Henry Hunter. Philadelphia: Abraham Small, 1808. 3 vols. I: Frontis., [4], xliii, [1 (blank)], 417, [3] pp.; 1 fold. map. II: [2], vii, [1 (blank)], 504 pp.; 3 fold. plts. III: [4], 493, [3 (2 blank)] pp.

Printed by theThomases of Worcester
Saint-Pierre, Jacques Henri Bernardin de.  A vindication of divine Providence; derived from a philosophic and moral survey, of nature and of man... first American edition. Worcester: J. Nancrede (pr. by Thomas, Son & Thomas), 1797. 8vo in 4s (20.2 cm, 7.9"). Frontis., 331, [1 (blank)] pp., lacking the folding map.

TheFIRST Dominican-Born Writer to Publish a Book
& a Book about HISPANOLA at That!
Sánchez Valverde, Antonio.  Idea del valor de la isla Española, utilidades que de ella puede sacar su monarquia. Madrid: Impr. de Pedro Marin, 1785. 4to. [4] ff., xx, 208 pp., [2] ff., table; without the map.

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The Donkey Rules (& “Sings” Too)
Scaligeri, Camillo [pseud. of Adriano Banchieri].  La nobiltà dell' asino di Attabalippa dal Perù. Riformata da Griffagno delli Impacci, et accresciuta di molte cose non solo piacevoli, curiose, et di diletto... Venetia: Barezzo Barezzi, 1599. 4to (19.7 cm, 7.75"). [4], 44, [3 (index)] ff.; illus.
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Isn't Rustlings in the Rockies” a GREAT Title??
Shields, G.O.  Rustlings in the Rockies: Hunting and fishing by mountain and stream. Chicago: Belford, Clarke & Co., 1883. 8vo. Frontis., xvi (vii/viii bound in after xvi),9–306, [6 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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On Pointed Spears They Lift Him High in the Air”
Somerville (a.k.a. Somervile), William.  The chace. A poem. London: Printed for G. Hawkins, & sold by T. Cooper, 1735. Small 8vo (20.5 cm; 8"). [10] ff., 131 pp.
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Classic Illustrated GermanBOTANICAL GUIDESome Early Hand-Coloring
Theodorus, Jacobus, called Tabernaemontanus.  Neu vollkommen Kräuter-Buch: Darinnen uber 3000 Kräuter, mit schönen und kunstlichen Figuren, auch deren Underscheid und Würckung samt ihren Namen in mancherley Sprachen beschrieben: dessgleichen auch wie dieselbige in allerhand Kranckheiten beyde der Menschen und des Viehs, sollen angewendet und gebraucht werden angezeigt wird. Basel: Johann Ludwig König, 1731. Folio (38.4 cm, 15.1"). 3 vols. in 1. [12], 663, [5], 665–1529, [97 (index)] pp.; illus.
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The Stinehour Press for the LEC: Thoreau's First Book
Thoreau, Henry David.  A week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. [Lunenburg, VT]: The Limited Editions Club, 1975. Sm. folio (26 cm, 10.25"). xv, [3], 352 pp.; illus.
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Thornton, Robert John.  A new family herbal: Or popular account of the natures and properties of the various plants used in medicine, diet, and the arts. London: Richard Phillips (pr. by Richard Taylor & Co.), 1810. 8vo (24.1 cm, 9.5"). xvi, 901, [1 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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The EARLIEST KnownHistorical, Mythological, Poetical, & Geographical DICTIONARY
Torrentinus, Hermannus.  Elucidarius vel vocabularius poeticus ... co[n]tine[n]s fabulas, historias, prouincias, vrbes, insulas, fluuios, et montes illustres; Item vocabula et interpretaiones Grecoru[m] & Hebraicoru[m], una cu[m] vocabulis co[m]munibus Saracenoru[m], in latinu[m] translatis et alijs in fine adiunctis. [colophon: Hagenaw: per ... Henricu[s] Gran, impe[n]sis ... Joanis Rynman, 1518]. 4to (20 cm; 8"). [57] ff. (without final blank).
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Horse-Hoing”6NIFTY Fold-Out Plates
Tull, Jethro.  The horse-hoing husbandry: Or, an essay on the principles of tillage and vegetation.... London: Pr. for the author, and sold by G. Strahan, T. Woodward, A. Miller, J. Stagg, and J. Brindley, 1733. Folio (30.2 cm, 11.875"). [4], x, 200 pp.; pp. [201–202]. 6 fold-out plts. [bound with] Tull, Jethro. A supplement to the essay on horse-hoing husbandry.... London: Pr. for and sold by the author, and may be had at Mr. Mills's, London, at John Aitkins's, Esq, in Edinburgh, and at the Bear in Hungerford, Berks., 1736. Folio. pp. [203–205], 206–69; [1] pp.     
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Horse-Hoeing” COBBETT's Introduction
Tull, Jethro.  The horse-hoeing husbandry: or, a treatise on the principles of tillage and vegetation, wherein is taught a method of introducing a sort of vineyard culture into the corn-fields, in order to increase their product and diminish the common expense. By Jethro Tull. London: William Cobbett, 1829. 8vo. xxiv, 466 pp., 1 plt. (included in pagination).
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The Virtues of theBath Thermal Waters
Tunstall, James.  The Bath waters: Their uses and effects in the cure and relief of various chronic diseases. London: John Churchill., 1850. 8vo. (21 cm; 8.25"). x, 144 pp., table.

American WINE & More 1867
United States.  Department of Agriculture.  Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the year 1867. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1868. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.25"). xix, [1], 512 pp., XXXVII plates; illus.
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A Child's Miniature BookcaseVanishingly Scarce
Wallis, John.  The book-case of knowledge. London: Pr. for J. Wallis by J. Cundee & T. Gillet, 1800/01. 16mo (case: 17.3 cm, 6.75"; books: approx. 9.8 cm, 3.9"). 10 vols. I: Frontis., 64 pp. II: Frontis., 63, [1] pp.; 4 plts. III: Frontis., 64 pp.; 1 plt. IV: Frontis., 64 pp. V: Frontis., 64 pp.; illus. VI: Frontis., 64 pp. VII: Frontis., 62, [2] pp. VIII: Frontis., 63, [1] pp. IX: Frontis., 32 pp.; 15 plts. X: Frontis., 32, 32 pp.
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Fishing Classic, Important Lives, & Two Fore-Edge Paintings
Walton, Izaak.  The complete angler [and] The lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson. London: John Major, 1824–25. 8vo (17.1 cm, 6.75"). 2 vols. I: lviii, 416 pp.; 14 plts. II: xviii, [2], 503, [1] pp.; 11 plts.
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