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A Mennonite Hymnal — BILLMEYER
(AMERICAN, AMERICAN).   Bible. O.T. Psalms. German. 1820.  Die kleine geistliche Harfe der kinder Zions, oder auserlesene geistreiche Gesänge. Germantaun: Gedruckt bey Michael Billmeyer, 1820. 12mo (17.3 cm, 6.8"). Frontis., [4], 39, [1], 412, [20], 20 pp. (21/22 lacking).
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Mather's FamousPsalterium Americanum
Bible.  O.T. Psalms. Paraphrases. English. Mather. 1718.   Psalterium Americanum. The book of Psalms, in a translation exactly conformed unto the original; but all in blank verse, fitted unto the tunes commonly used in our churches. Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland for B. Eliot, S. Gerrish, D. Henchman, & J. Edwards, and sold at their shops, 1718. Small 8vo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). [2], xxxv, [1], 426 pp.
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The Index ofFirst Lines Here Is Impressive
Bible.  O.T. Psalms.  English. Selections. 1787. Toplady.  Psalms and hymns for public and private worship. London: C. Watts, 1787. 12mo. [22], 418 pp.
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An Important Reformation Sourcebook: The First Dutch MennoniteMARTYROLOGY
Dit Boeck wordt ghenoemt: Het Offer des Heeren .... Amstelredam: Willem Janssz Buys, [1590]. 8vo (13.5 cm, 5.25"). 306 ff.
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Only Such Hymns as Will Be Approved by  
the Entire Body of the Protestant Church”
Doane, W.H.  Songs of devotion: a collection of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, with music, for church service, prayer and conference meetings, Young Men's Christian Associations, religious conventions and family worship. New York & Chicago: Biglow & Main, [copyright 1870]. 12mo. 288 pp.
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200 Favorite Songs & Exercises
Emerson, L.O.  The golden wreath; a choice collection of favorite melodies, designed for the use of schools, seminaries, select classes, etc.. Also, a complete course of elementary instruction, upon the Pestalozzian system, with numerous exercises for practice. Albany: Newcomb & Co., 1857. Oblong 12mo. 240 pp.

Outside! the Canon A Shoemaker's Verses
Fellows, John.  Grace triumphant, a sacred poem, in nine dialogues; wherein the utmost power of nature, reason, virtue, and the liberty of the human will, to administer comfort to the awakened sinner, are impartially weighed and considered. . . . A new edition, embellished with a portrait of the author. London: Pr. for Alexander Hogg, [ca. 1770]. 12mo. Frontis. port., 120 [i.e., 96] pp.
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SomeoneUSED This
Gould, J.E.  Songs of gladness for the Sabbath school. Philadelphia: J.C. Garrigues & Co. (Westcott & Thomson, stereotypers), [© 1869]. Oblong 12mo. 176 pp.
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Native American Hymnal
Jones, Peter [Kahkewaquonaby].  Nvgvmouinvn genvnvgvmouat igiu anishinabeg anvmiajig.  Boston: Printed for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, by Crocker & Brewster, 1836. 16mo (18 cm; 7"). 52 pp.
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Peasant BindingLutheran Classics
Luther, Martin.  Vollstandiges Marburger Gesang-Buch, zur Ubung der Gottseligkeit, in 651. Christlichen und Trostreichen Psalmen und Gesängen Hrn. D. Martin Luthers und anderer Gottseliger Lehrer, Ordentlich in XII. Theile verfasset, Mit und ohne Kupferstück gezieret.... Marburg und Frankfurt: bey Heinrich Ludwig Brönner, 1800. 12mo (15 cm; 6"). [8] ff., 484 pp., [8] ff., 12 pp. [also bound in] Evangelia und Episteln auf alle Sonntage, wie auch die hohe Feste ... durchs gantze Jahr.... Marburg und Frankfurt: bey Heinrich Ludwig Brönner, 1799. 12mo (15 cm; 6"). 96 pp.
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WithMusical Notation in a Nutshell”
Mason, Lowell.  The hallelujah: A book for the service of song in the house of the Lord; containing tunes, chants, and anthems, both for the choir and the congregation; to which is prefixed the singing school.... New York: Mason Brothers; Boston: B.B. Mussey & Co. (pr. by John A. Gray, stereotyped by Thomas B. Smith), © 1854. Oblong 8vo. 368 pp.
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A Bargain”Mason & Webb
Mason, Lowell, & George James Webb.  The psaltery, a new collection of church music, consisting of psalm and hymn tunes, chants, and anthems.... Boston: Wilkins, Carter, & Co., [1848?]. Oblong 8vo. 352 pp. (lacking title-page & pp. 9/10).
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A VERY PRETTY American Binding
Methodist Episcopal Church.  Hymns.  Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church. New York: Phillips & Hunt; Cincinnati: Walden & Stowe, 1882. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). viii, 775, [1] pp.
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German-American & Classic
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior. Erbauliche Lieder-Sammlung zum gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch in den Vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen in Pennsylvanien und den benachbarten Staaten.... Germantaun: Michael Billmeyer, 1803. (17 cm, 6.6"). Frontis., [12], 602, [8 (index)] pp. [bound with] Helmuth, Justus Henry Christian. Kurze Andachten einer Gottsuchenden Seele, auf alle Tage der Woche und andere Umstande eingerichtet. Germantaun: Michael Billmeyer, 1803. 28 pp. [and] Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania and the Adjacent States. Anhang zu dem Gesangbuch der Vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen in Nord-America. Germantaun: Michael Billmeyer, 1803. 80 pp.
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Up to Date!
Taylor, Virgil Corydon.  The chime; an extensive collection of new and old tunes, consisting of arrangements from the old masters, and modern European writers; gems from the Continental school, with valuable selections (kindly permitted) fromliving American composers: Also, a variety of new pieces by the author.... New York: Daniel Burgess & Co., 1854. Oblong 8vo. 367, [1] pp.
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Early American Edition: German Reformed Hymnal
Tersteegen, Gerhardt.  Geistliches Blumen-Gärtlein inniger Seelen; oder Kurze Schluss-Reimen, Betrachtungen und Lieder, ueber allerhand Wahrheiten des inwendigen Christenthums; zur Erweckung, Stärkung und Erquickung in dem verborgenen Leben mit Christo in Gott; nebst der Frommen Lotterie. Germantaun: Gedruckt und zu finden bey Peter Leibert, 1791. 12mo (14 cm, 5.5"). [12], 126, [20], 127–534, [8] pp. (pagination erratic, several pages out of order).
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The Dragon's Rage, The Shakers, & The Kingdom of Glory
Wells, Seth Youngs.   Millennial praises, containing a collection of gospel hymns, in four parts; adapted to the day of Christ's second appearing. Composed for the use of his people. Hancock: Pr. by Josiah Tallcott, jr., 1813. 12mo. viii, 288, [4 (adv.)] pp.
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