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New Spain.  Viceroy (1789–94, Revillagigedo).  Broadside, begins: “Don Juan Vicente de Guemez ... virrey, gobernador y capitan general de Nueva España ... Conforme a la ley 19. tit. 8. lib. 8 de la Recopilacion de Indias deben los escribanos.... [colophon: Mexico: No publisher/printer, 28 May 1791]. Folio extra (42 cm; 16.5"). [1] p.
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Investigating His Predecessor, Learning the Tricks ofCorruption
New Spain.  Viceroy (1794–98, Branciforte).  Broadside. Begins: Miguel la Grua Talamanca y Branciforte ... marqués de Branciforte ... Con fecha de 19 de marzo ultimo me ha comunicado el ... Senor D. Eugenio de Llaguno, la real orden del tenor siguiente ... [in text, Mexico: 30 December 1794. Folio (43 cm; 17"). [1] p.
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Infighting!New York State Senate1806
New York (state).  Democratic-Republican Party.  Broadside. Begins, “To the electors of the Western District. Fellow-citizens, In a few days you will again be called upon to exercise the distinguishing privilege of Freemen — that of electing your Representatives to the Legislature. In discharging this duty, the great body of the people only want correct information, and they will generally choose the most able and faithful men to legislate for them.” New York state: no publisher/printer, [1806?]. Folio (39 cm, 15.5"). [1] f. (verso blank).
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A BALLI-Printed Broadside
Notarial form.  Carta de poder. [Mexico: Pedro Balli, before 14 September 1590]. Folio. [1] f.
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New York Gubernatorial Election 1820 The Issue of Patriotism
“No Time Server,” & “Red-Jacket”.  Broadside. Begins, “Of all the strange and unaccountable things which have appeared during the present electioneering campaign, the Federal Bucktail Address, which has lately been put into circulation is the most so.” New York state: no publisher/printer, 1820. Folio (34 cm, 12.75"). [1] f. (verso blank).
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Published in Exile inNew-York”
Páez, José Antonio.  Broadside.  Begins: "A los venezolanos." New-York, 21 October 1853. Folio (30.7 cm, 12"). [1] p.
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In the Dew of Time”
Perishable Press.  Broadside, begins: “Warning! Oh yes you can too do it & whoumzoevber sed not is full of snot ... ” [Mt. Horeb, WI: Perishable Press], 1980. 8vo (27 x 19 cm.; 10.5" x 7.25"). 1 p.
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Two Seasonal Spectacles at the Theatre Royal
Playbill.  Broadside. Begins: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This evening, Monday, December 28, 1829, His Majesty's Servants will act the tragedy of King Richard III. [London]: Pr. by J. Tabby, [1829]. Folio (34.5 cm, 13.5"). [2] ff.
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Scary Times for Spaniards in theBreak-Away Yucatan
(Republic of the Yucatan).  Group of 15 documents (see below for details). Campeche, Merida: Various publishers, 1842–43. Folio and slightly smaller (31 cm; 12.25"; and slightly smaller). 38 pp. (11 blank).
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RiveraAssumes the PRESIDENCY
Rivera [Cabezas], Antonio.  A los habitantes del estado. La Asamblea Legislativa me ha llamado a ejercio del Poder Ejecutivo por decreto de este dia, en que declara haber lugar a la formacion de causa al Gefe del Estado. Guatemala: 1830. Folio (30.7 cm; 12.25"). [1] p.
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A Legendary Liberator Says, FAREWELL” He Dejado de Ser Hombe Publico”
San Martín, José de.  Broadside. Begins: El General San Martin. Presencié la declaracion de la Independencia de los estados de Chile y el Perù ... Pueblo Libre [i.e., Lima]: No publisher/printer, 1822. Folio (32 cm; 12.5"). [1] p.
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PRAYERS Said, The Rolls Called, The MINUTS . . . Read”
Scotland.  Parliament. Proceedings, 1703. Broadside. Begins: "Minuts of the proceedings in Parliament. Tuesday, September 7. 1703...." [Edinburgh: Heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson, 1703]. Folio (31.3 cm, 12.25"). [1] p.
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TheLovat Vassals Protest
(Simon “The Fox” Fraser). Lovat (Scotland). Tenants. Broadside. Begins: “Petition for the Laird of Kilravock and others the vassals of Lovat....”[Edinburgh, ca. 1702]. Folio. [1] p.

Party Strife!
     New York State Senate1806
“Uniform Republican, A”.  Broadside. Begins, “To the Republican electors of the Western District. Fellow-citizens, At the same time that a bold and aspiring faction at the seat of government of the United States, is making the most daring and unprincipled attack upon the president and the friends of his administration, we find another faction actuated by the same motives, and impelled by the same spirit, commencing an attack upon the administration of this state.” New York state: no publisher/printer, [1806?]. Folio (vertical chain lines; 41 cm, 16.5"). [1] f. (verso blank).

Ballad Broadside     
Waugh, Edwin.  Broadside. [drop-title] "Come 'Whoam' to thi' childer an' me." No place [Lancashire?, England]: , no date [1890]. Narrow folio (27.8 cm, 11'). [1] p.
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