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Kay's Improved & ENLARGED Edition
of theUNIVERSAL Receipt Book
  [A Best-Selling How-To Guide]
Mackenzie, Colin.   Mackenzie's five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts: Constituting a complete practical library ... A new American, from the latest London edition. With numerous and important additions generally; and the medical part carefully revised and adapted to the climate of the U. States; and also a new and most copious index. By an American physician. Philadelphia: James Kay, Jr. & Bro., and Pittsburgh: C.H. Kay & Co., (© 1829). 8vo (22 cm, 8.6"). 456 pp.; illus.
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Scottish Philosophy w/Celtic Knotwork Gracing the Binding
Maclaren, Ian, (i.e., John Watson).  Our neighbours. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1903. 12mo. [8], 341, [1] pp.
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Noble Orders American Ones Included
Maigne, W.  Dictionnaire encyclopédique des ordres de chevalerie civils et militaires créés chez les différents peuples depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'a nos jours. Paris: Adolphe Delahays, 1861. 12mo (17.2 cm, 6.8"). xvi, 240 pp., fold. table/plt.

Esther the Queen, in Holy Writ, Shone Like a Star, Her Name Was Great
(Mallory, Mary Esther).  Manuscript. “Acrostic on M.E.M.” Norwalk, CT: 1824. Small 8vo (20 x 15.5 cm; 7.75" x 6"). 2 pp.
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Marilyn Monroe'sLAST Posed Photo Session
Maloney, Tom, ed.  U.S. camera annual 1964. New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, (copyright 1963). 8vo (29 cm, 11.4"). 231, [1] pp.; illus.

The Philosophy of Science & Logic, or,
How Does “Thinking” Work?
Mansel, Henry Longueville.  Prolegomena logica: An inquiry into the psychological character of logical processes. Boston: Gould & Lincoln; New York: Sheldon & Co., 1860. 12mo (19.8 cm, 7.8"). 291, [1], [20 (adv.)] pp.
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Moravian Mission Texts inESKIMO/INUIT
Martin, A.  Unipkautsit attornartut ajokertûtsemut kaujijaksaujune sunatuinarne. Illiniarvingnullo kittorngarênullo illingajut. Herrnhut: G. Winterib nenilauktangit, 1899. 8vo (21 cm; 8.5"). vii, 128 pp.
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The 30 Years' Peace:  First American Edition, Much Enlarged
Martineau, Harriet.  History of the peace: Being a history of England from 1816 to 1854. With an introduction 1800 to 1815. Boston: Walker, Wise, & Co.; Walker, Fuller, & Co., 1864–66. 8vo (20.6 cm, 8.1"). 4 vols. I: xi, [1], 455, [1] pp. II: vii, [1], 500, 2 pp. III: x, 575, [1] pp. IV: xii, 665, [1] pp.
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A Bargain”Mason & Webb
Mason, Lowell, & George James Webb.  The psaltery, a new collection of church music, consisting of psalm and hymn tunes, chants, and anthems.... Boston: Wilkins, Carter, & Co., [1848?]. Oblong 8vo. 352 pp. (lacking title-page & pp. 9/10).
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Shout, Shout, America!
McCarty, William.  Songs, odes, and other poems, on national subjects; compiled from various sources ... Part first – patriotic ... Part second – naval ... Part third – military. Philadelphia: Wm. McCarty, 1842. 12mo [signed in 6s] (15.6 cm, 6.1"). 3 vols. I: 468 pp. II: 467, [1 (blank)] pp. III: 468 pp.
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He's Just an Infernal Dude, Your Lordship, & I'll Throw Him in the River
if He Says aWord Too Much”
McCutcheon, George Barr.  Cowardice Court. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1906. 8vo (19.8 cm, 7.75"). [4], 140 pp.; 5 col. plts.
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First First”
 Memorial biographies of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.   Boston: Pub. by the Society, 1880. 8vo (24.5 cm, 9.6"). 533 pp.

A VERY PRETTY American Binding
Methodist Episcopal Church.  Hymns.  Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church. New York: Phillips & Hunt; Cincinnati: Walden & Stowe, 1882. 8vo (19.7 cm, 7.75"). viii, 775, [1] pp.
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California, New Mexico, & Galveston
Mexico.  Secretaría de Hacienda (authored by José Ignacio Esteva).   Memoria sobre el estado de la hacienda publica, leida en la Camara de diputados el 13 de enero y en la de Senadores el 16 del mismo, por el ministro respectivo. Mexico: Imprenta del Supremo Gobierno, 1826. Folio (29 cm; 11.25"). [1] f., 82 pp., [2] f., 93 tables (some fold.), [4] tables, p. 83.
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New Mexico, Texas, & California
Mexico.  Laws, statutes, etc. 18 January 1845.  Broadside. Begins: sabed: Que el Congreso general ha decretado y el Ejecutivo sancionado lo siguiente. En el estado actual de la República Mexicana, los Departamentos fronterizos ... Mexico: No publisher/printer, 1845. Small 8vo (21 cm; 8.25"). [1] p.
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For more of CALIFORNIA interest,  click here.
For TEXANA,  click here.

Songs for the “Christian Connexion”
Millard, David, comp.; Joseph Badger, comp.  Hymns and spiritual songs: Original and selected, for the use of Christians. Union Mills, NY: Christian Gen. Book Association (pr. at the Office of the Ch. Palladium), 1840. 48mo (10.5 cm, 4.125"). iv, [1], 6–464 pp.
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Miller's Second Novel
Miller, Henry.  Black spring. Paris: The Obelisk Press, 1945. 8vo (19.2 cm, 7.56"). 269, [3] pp.
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The Book That Defined Miller's Career
Miller, Henry.  Tropic of Cancer. Paris: The Obelisk Press, January 1939. 8vo (19.3 cm, 7.6"). [1-6], 7-[318], [2] pp.
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TWO Very Early Missionaries toHAWAII
Miller, Samuel.  A sermon, delivered in the Middle Church, New Haven, Con. [sic] Sept. 12, 1822, at the ordination of the Rev. Messrs. William Goodell, William Richards, and Artemas Bishop, as evangelists and missionaries to the heathen. Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1822. 8vo. 48 pp.

Miller's “Evidence” Millerite Foundations
Miller, William.  Evidence from scripture and history of the second coming of Christ about the year 1843; exhibited in a course of lectures. Troy: Kemble & Hooper, 1836. 12mo. 223, [1 (blank)] pp.
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The National Tournament inHealth Knighthood (1919)
Minnesota Public Health Association (1914–52).  Field of the cloth of gold. Book of instructions for conducting the Minnesota division of the national tournament in health knighthood, February 9th to May 24th, 1919. St. Paul: Printed by Minnesota Public Health Association, 1919. 8vo. 12 pp.
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Before There Were Crock-Pots
Mitchell, Margaret J.  The fireless cook book. A manual of the construction and use of appliances for cooking by retained heat. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1920. 8vo. xii, 315, [1] pp.; illus.
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A “Philadelphianum” (Published in Boston)
Mitchell, Silas Weir.  The hill of stones and other poems.  Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. 16mo. iv, 98 pp.
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Early American” for THIS Sort ofChess Book
Monroe, J.  Science and art of chess. New York: Charles Scribner; London: Sampson Low, Son & Co., 1859. 12mo (19 cm; 7.5"). 281 pp., illus.
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A Very Autobiographical Comedy
Moore, George.  The coming of Gabrielle a comedy. New York: Boni & Liveright, 1921. 8vo (21 cm; 8.25"). 132, [1] pp.
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Irish Songs American Striped Cloth Binding
Moore, Thomas.  Irish melodies and sacred songs. Boston: Re-printed by Munroe & Francis, 1849. 12mo (18.5 cm, 7.3"). [4], [ix]–xxxi, [5], 184 pp.
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Guilford & Green May BeStrange Bedfellows
Morris, Henry.  Guilford & Green. [North Hills, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 1970]. 8vo (24.5 cm; 9.625"). [1] f., 88 pp., [2] ff. (two leaves not counted in pagination), 4 facsims. tipped-in (part fold.), illus, port.
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Hallucinatory NativismThe Inventor of Morse Code
Pontificates onPopery”
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese.  Foreign conspiracy against the liberties of the United States: the numbers of Brutus, originally published in the New-York Observer. New York: Leavitt, Lord, & Co. ... G. & C. Carvill & Co.; Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1835. 16mo (15.7 cm; 6.25"). 188 pp.
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Produced under the Supervision of
Bruce Rogers
Murdock, Harold. Earl Percy's dinner-table. Boston: Houghton Mifflin & Co., 1907. 8vo (26 cm, 10.25"). Frontis., [6], 77, [1] pp.

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