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Polenta before It Was Made withTurkey Wheat”
& Woodcuts from theMoretus Press
(A “#1for Sure).  Gerard, John.  The herball, or, General historie of plantes. London: Printed by Adam Islip, Joice Norton & Richard Whitakers, 1636. Large folio (35.5 cm; 14"). [19 of 20] ff., 1630 [i.e., 1634] pp., [24 of 25] ff. (without the initial and final blank leaves).
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Pinax & Prodomos: Bauhin's History of Plants
Bauhin, Caspar.  Caspari Bauhini ... Pinax theatri botanici: sive Index in Theophrasti Dioscoridis, Plinii et botanicorvm qui à seculo scripserunt opera ... Basileae: Joannis Regis, 1671. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.45"). [12] ff., 518 pp., [13] ff. [with the same author's] Caspari Bauhini ... Prodomos theatri botanici ... Basileae: Impensis Joannis Regis, 1671. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.45"). 160 pp., [6] ff.; illus.
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More Than 1000 Illustrations byPieter van der Borcht
& with Evidence of Readership
Dodoens, Rembert.  Remberti Dodonaei Mechliniensis medici caesari Stirpium historiae pemptades sex sive libri XXX. Antuerpiae: Ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1583. Folio (36 cm; 14"). [10] ff., 860 pp., [13] ff., illus.
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Finely Bound Estienne Children's BookInteresting Provenance
Estienne, Charles.  De re hortensi libellus, vulgaria herbarum, florum, ac fruticum, qui in hortis conseri solent, nomina Latinis vocibus efferre docens ex probatis authoribus: in adolescentulorum gratiam, multò quàm antea locupletior factus. Cui nuper additus est alius libellus De cultu & satione hortorum, ex antiquorum sententia. Lutetiae: Ex officina Rob. Stephani, 1545. 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). 141, [3] pp.
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Plants for BothOrnament & Medicine
Hill, John.  The British herbal: An history of plants and trees, natives of Britain, cultivated for use, or raised for beauty. London: Pr. for T. Osborne & J. Shipton, J. Hodges, J. Newbery, et al., 1756 [–1757]. Folio (41.3 cm, 16.25"). Frontis., [4], 536 pp.; 75 plts.
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The Medicinal Virtues of PlantsIllustrated
Hill, John.  The family herbal, or an account of all those English plants, which are remarkable for their virtues, and of the drugs which are produced by vegetables of other countries; with their descriptions and their uses, as proved by experience. Bungay: J. & R. Childs, 1822. 8vo (21.2 cm, 8.4"). viii, xl, 376 pp.; 54 col. plts.
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At Least It'sNOT Eye of Newt
Langham, William.  The garden of health: containing the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of simples and plants. Together with the manner how they are to bee used and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against divers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. London: Printed by Thomas Harper, 1633. 4to in 8s (19 cm; 7.5"). [4] ff., 702 pp., [33] ff.
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The Edible Plants of the WorldUpdated Edition
Lankester, Edwin.  Vegetable substances used for the food of man. London: Charles Knight & Co., 1846. 12mo (14.6 cm, 5.75"). 2 vols. in 1. vi, [5]–248, 260 pp.; illus.
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Stout Manual fromOne of Homeopathy's Major Promoters
Lutze, Ernst Arthur.  Lehrbuch der Homöopathie von Arthur Lutze. Cöthen: Verlag der Lutze'schen Klinik, 1867. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [8], xcvi, 918, [2] pp.
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One of the Great 16th-Century ILLUSTRATED HerbalsA Several-TimesWorking” Copy
Mattioli, Pietro Andrea.  Commentarii secundo aucti, in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis de medica materia. Colophon: Venetiis: In officina Erasmiana, Vincentii Valgrisii, [1558]. Folio (30 cm, 11.8"). 776 of 928 pp.(lacking tile-leaf, 98 prelim., & 50 supp. pp.); illus.
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TheLARGEST Herbal in the English LanguageRuskin's Copy
Parkinson, John.  Theatrum botanicum: The theater of plantes. Or, an herball of a large extent ... London: Thomas Cotes, 1640. Folio (35.3 cm, 13.9"). Add. engr. t.-p., [18], 1755 (i.e., 1745), [3] pp.; illus.
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Avoid Decayed,” Fraudulent, or Misguided MEDICINES
byStudying the Genuine Articles
Pomet, Pierre.  A compleat history of druggs, written in French by Monsieur Pomet, chief druggist to the present French King; to which is added what is further observable on the same subject, from Messrs. Lemery, and Tournefort, divided into three classes, vegetable, animal and minera ... London: Pr. for R. Bonwicke, William Freeman, Timothy Goodwin, et al., 1712. 4to (22.5 cm, 8.9"). 2 parts in 1 vol. [8] ff., 420 (i.e., 440) pp., [6] ff.; 86 plts.
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Pomet's Own Edition ofHis Guide to Drugs
Pomet, Pierre.  Le marchand sincere ou traite general des drogues simples et composes. Paris: Chez l'Auteur, 1695. Folio (40 cm, 15.75"). Frontis., [12], 304 (i.e., 332), 108, 116, [38], 16 pp.; 5 plts., illus.
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Classic Illustrated GermanBOTANICAL GUIDESome Early Hand-Coloring
Theodorus, Jacobus, called Tabernaemontanus.  Neu vollkommen Kräuter-Buch: Darinnen uber 3000 Kräuter, mit schönen und kunstlichen Figuren, auch deren Underscheid und Würckung samt ihren Namen in mancherley Sprachen beschrieben: dessgleichen auch wie dieselbige in allerhand Kranckheiten beyde der Menschen und des Viehs, sollen angewendet und gebraucht werden angezeigt wird. Basel: Johann Ludwig König, 1731. Folio (38.4 cm, 15.1"). 3 vols. in 1. [12], 663, [5], 665–1529, [97 (index)] pp.; illus.
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Thornton, Robert John.  A new family herbal: Or popular account of the natures and properties of the various plants used in medicine, diet, and the arts. London: Richard Phillips (pr. by Richard Taylor & Co.), 1810. 8vo (24.1 cm, 9.5"). xvi, 901, [1 (adv.)] pp.; illus.
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By way of a lagniappe note, those interested in HERBALS and their history may find Anna Pavord's book,
The naming of Names: The Search for Order in the World of Plants (Bloomsbury, 2005),
to be an informative and most absorbing “read” . . . though we do not sell it!

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