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The ELZEVIR FAMILY operated active presses in Leyden, The Hague, Utrecht, and Amsterdam from 1585 to 1712, with their greatest, most characteristic work being done across the heart of the 17th century — roughly 1630–65.  The great WING BIBLIOGRAPHY of books printed in Great Britain and British America, and English-language books printed in other countries, covers the years 1641–1700.
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The Last of the 17th-Century Editions ofSIDNEY
(A Lovely “ARCADIA”).  Sidney, Philip.  The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. London: George Calvert, 1674. Folio (29 cm, 11.4"). Frontis., [32], 576, 541–564, 601–624, [26] pp. (pagination erratic).
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Illustrated EarlyFrisian History16 Engraved Portraits
(A Pleasure {Especially!} for Its Portraits).  Schotanus, Christianus.  De geschiedenissen kerckelyck ende wereldtlyck van Friesland Oost ende West; beginnende van d'eerste Geheuchenis ende vol-trocken tot op het Iaar na Christi Geboorte MDLXXXIII [i.e., 1583 but in error for MDLXXXIV]. Franeker: Ian Boudewyns Wellens, 1658. Folio (32 cm, 12.5"). [34], 929 (i.e., 931), [25 (index)], 148 pp.; 17 plts.
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Biographies Galore
Adam, Melchior.  Vitae Germanorum theologorum, qui superiori seculo, ecclesiam Christi voce scriptisque propagarunt et propugnarunt congestæ & ad annum usque MDCXVIII [i.e., 1618]. Francofurti: Sumptibus Jonae Rosae viduae, 1653. 8vo (19 cm; 7.5"). [16] ff., 880 pp., [16] ff. [bound with, as issued, by the same author] Decades duae continentes vitas theologorum exterorum principum, qui ecclesiam Christi superiori seculo propagarun èt propugnarunt coactae à Melchiore Adamo Silesio. Francofurt : Sumptibus Jonae Rosae viduae, 1653. [4] f., 245, [1] pp., [4] ff.
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Famous for ItsMaps of the Holy Land
    & Based on
Sources Now Lost
Adrichem (a.k.a. Adrichom), Christiaan van.  Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et biblicarum historiarum cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis. [colophon: Coloniae Agrippinae: Officina Birckmannica, sumptibus Hermanni Mylij, 1628]. Folio (37 cm; 14.5"). [6] ff., 256 pp., [15] ff.; 12 fold. or double-page engr. maps.

A Learned HUGUENOT Discusses theThrice-Holy Hymn
Allix, Pierre. Dissertatio de Trisagii origine. Rothomagi: Apud Joannem Lucas, 1674. 8vo (18.2 cm, 7.125"). A–I4; 70 pp., [1 (blank)] f.
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English Puritan vs. Italian Jesuit
Ames, William.  Bellarminus enervatus, siue Disputationes anti-Bellarminianae, in illustri Frisiorum Academia ... In quatuor tomos divisus. Londini [i.e. Amsterdam?]: [W.J. Blaeu? for London] Apud Ioannem Humpfridum [& H. Robinson], 1633 [i.e.,1632]. 12mo (12.5 cm, 4.9"). Four parts in one. [4] ff., 208 pp.; 218; [2], 401, [11] pp.
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17th-Century French Politics:  François, que faites-vous?
Anonymous.   [drop-title] Cassandre françoise. [Paris: 1615]. 8vo (17.1 cm, 6.75"). 22, [2 (blank)] pp.
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REGICIDE Pilloried Sort Of
Anonymous.  Invisible John made visible: or, A grand pimp of tyranny portrayed, in Barkstead’s arraignment at the barre, vvhere he stands impeached of high treason, and other gross misdemeanours, as the late tyrant’s bum-bayliff in his most arbitrary, oppressive and tyrannical invasions of the rights and liberties of Engli sh-men, within the late cantonized county of Middlesex, the City of London Tower, &c. Whereunto are added, five queries, to the Parliament, Council of State, and Army.... London: no publisher/printer, 1659. Small 4to. [1] ff., 6 pp.
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Provenance, Evidence of Readership, Widow Printer, Rarity & Importance
Arenas, Pedro de.  Vocabulario manual de las lenguas castellana, y mexicana. Mexico: En la imprenta de la viuda de Bernardo Calderon, 1683. Small 8vo, in 4s (15 cm; 5.75"). [4] ff., 118 pp., [1] f.
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Litterati of Antwerp Salute One of Their OwnPortrait after Peter Paul Rubens
Woodcut *&* Engraved Versions of the Plantin Device
Asterius, Episcopus Amasenus.  S. Asteri Episcopi amaseae homiliae Graecè & Latinè nunc primùm editae Philippo Rubenio interprete. Antverpiae: Ex Officina Plantiniana, apud viduam & filios Ioannis Moreti, 1615. 4to (24.13 cm, 9.5"). [6] ff., 284, pp., [2] ff.
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Signatures of theFamous & Obscure
 (Autographs in Abundance).  Collection of signatures of notable and lesser Mexicans of the colonial era and first three quarters of the 19th century. Mexico: 1646 to ca. 1880. Various small sizes.
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Additions to aSpaniard's Take on Roman Law
Ayllón Laynez, Juan de.  Illustrationes sive additiones eruditissimae ad varias resolutiones Antonii Gomezii. Lugduni [Lyon]: Sumptibus Anisson & Posuel, 1692. Folio (32.7 cm, 12.9"). [4] ff., 380, [14] pp.
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BACON onAll Types of TREASON
Bacon, Francis.  Cases of treason. London: Pr. by the Assignes of John More, 1641. 4to (20 cm, 7.9"). [4], 35, [1] pp.
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Suppressing the Abuses in the Church”
Bacon, Francis.  Certaine considerations touching the better pacification, and edification of the Church of England. [London]: printed [by T. Cotes], 1640. 4to (19.6 cm, 7.75"). [48] pp.
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BaconLatinized for Longevity
Bacon, Francis. ...Opera omnia, cum novo eoque insigni augmento tractatuum hactenus ineditorum, & ex idiomate anglicano in latinum sermonem translatorum, opera Simonis Johannis Arnoldi, ecclesiae Sonnenburgensis inspectoris. Lipsiae: Impensis Johannis Justi Erythropili, excudebat Christianus Goezius, 1694. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.25"). ):(6 A–Z6 Aa–Zz6 Aaa–Iii6 Kkk–Zzz4 Aaaa–Hhhh4 Iiii6 [-):(1]; [8] ff., 1584 columns, [49 (index)] pp. (half-title lacking).
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Bacon onNATURE
Bacon, Francis.  Sylva sylvarum, sive historia naturalis, in decem centurias distributa. Lug. Batavor.: Apud Franciscum Hackium, 1648. 12mo (12.9 cm, 5.1"). Add. engr. t.-p., [34], 612, [48], 87, [1] pp.
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Barclay, John.  Euphormionis Lusinini sive Joannis Barclaii Satyricon partes quinque cum clavi. Accessit conspiratio anglicana. Lugd. Batavorum: Elzevirios, 1637. 12mo (12.5 cm, 4.9"). 717, [1] pp.

Pinax & Prodomos: Bauhin's History of Plants
Bauhin, Caspar.  Caspari Bauhini ... Pinax theatri botanici: sive Index in Theophrasti Dioscoridis, Plinii et botanicorvm qui à seculo scripserunt opera ... Basileae: Joannis Regis, 1671. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.45"). [12] ff., 518 pp., [13] ff. [with the same author's] Caspari Bauhini ... Prodomos theatri botanici ... Basileae: Impensis Joannis Regis, 1671. 4to (26.5 cm, 10.45"). 160 pp., [6] ff.; illus.
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Authorship in QuestionElizabeth Allde's Printing, NOT
Bernardus Claraevallensis (Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint).   Saint Bernard his meditations, or, sighes, sobbes, and teares upon Our Saviours passion, in memoriall of his death; also his motives to mortification, with other meditations. London: Printed by E[lizabeth] A[llde] for Robert Allot, 1631–32. 12mo (14 cm; 5.5"). 2 parts in 1 vol. I: [7] ff., 439, [1] pp. (p. [440] blank); II .[3] ff., 243, [3] pp. (pp. [244–[46] blank; numbers 127–36 omitted in the sequence).
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You desire mine opinion . . . ”
B[lake], T[homas].  A moderate ansvver to these two questions. 1. Whether ther [sic] be sufficient ground in Scripture to warrant the conscience of a Christian to present his infants to the sacrament of baptism. 2. Whether it be not sinfull for a Christian to receiv [sic] the sacrament in a mixt assembly. London: Printed by I.N. for Abel Roper, at the signe of the Sunne over against S. Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1645 [i.e., 1644]. 4to. [2], 32 pp.
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Life's Persistent QuestionsAsked & (Partially) Answered
Böhme, Jakob.  Betrachtung göttlicher Offenbahrung, was Gott, Natur und Creatur, so wohl Himmel, Hölle und Welt, sambt allen Creaturen sind.... Amsterdam: [Andries and David van Hoogenhuysen, for Johann Georg Gichtel], 1682. 12mo (15.4 cm, 6"). [2] ff., 48 pp.
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Lovely French PrintingGORGEOUS! French Binding
Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas.  Œuvres diverses du Sieur D*** avec le traité du sublime ou du merveilleux dans le discours, traduit du Grec de Longin. Paris: Claude Barbin (pr. by Denys Thierry), 1674. 4to (25.3 cm, 10"). π2A–R4S8T–Y4Z1*4a2-4b–o4; Frontis., [4], 178, [12], [3]–102, [10 (index & colophon)] pp., 1 plt.
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A Guide to Heaven
Bona, Giovanni. Manuductio ad coelum medullam continens sanctorum patrum, & veterum philosophorum. Parisiis: Apud Robertum Pepie, 1692. 12mo (14.6 cm, 5.75"). A–S8,4 T2; [3] ff., 214 pp.

The Beginning ofDemographic Studies
Botero, Giovanni.  Relaciones universales del mundo ... primera y segunda parte. Valladolid: Impresso por los herederos de Diego Fernandez de Cordoua, 1603–1599. Folio (27 cm; 10.5"). [4], 207, 110 ff. (without final blank and without the maps).
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Not Daring to Stay Any Longer in Ireland”
Bourk, Hubert.  The information of Hubert Bourk, gent. touching the Popish Plot in Ireland, carried on by the conspiracies of the Earl of Tyrone. London: Printed for Randolph Taylor, 1680. Folio (28.5 cm; 11.25"). [4] ff., 27, [1 (blank)] pp.
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His Story ofthe Reformation
Brandt, Gerard.  Historie der Reformatie, en andre kerkelyke geschiedenissen, in en ontrent de Nederlanden. Amsterdam: Jan Rieuwertsz, Hendrik [&] Dirk Boom; Rotterdam: Barent Bos, 1671–1704. 4to (22.6 cm, 8.9"). 4 vols. I: Engraved t.-p., [15] ff., 847, [1] p.; 56, [56] pp.; 9 plts. II: [14] ff., 996, [48] pp.; 8 plts. III: [4] ff., 976 (i.e., 990), [46] pp. (lacking final blank); 5 plts. IV: [1] f., 1116, [32] pp.; 4 plts.
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Hebrew Flowers
Buxtorf, Johann.  Florilegium Hebraicum: Continens elegantes sententias, proverbia, apophthegmata, similitudines.... Basileae: Impensis Haered. Ludovici König, 1648. 8vo (16.7 cm, 6.55"). )(8A–Z8Aa–Bb8; [16], 390, [8 (index)] pp.
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Standard Hebrew Dictionary
Buxtorf, Johann, the elder.  Lexicon chaldaicum, talmudicum et rabbinicum, nunc primum in lucem editum a Johanne Buxtorfio Filio.... Basel: Sumptibus et typis Ludovici König, 1640. Very large folio (36 cm, 14.2"). Frontis., pl., [6] ff., 2680 cols., [32] ff.
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