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Smee, Alfred; Edmond de Valicourt, ed.  Nouveau manuel complet de galvanoplastie ou éléments d'électro-métallurgie contenant l'art de réduire les métaux a l'aide du fluide galvanique, pour dorer, argenter, platiner, cuivrer, etc. etc. Paris: La Librairie Encyclopédique de Roret, 1860. 12mo (15.3 cm, 6"). 2 vols. I: [4], 411, [1] pp.; illus. II: [2], 372 pp.; 2 fold. plts.

Treatise on electrotype (a.k.a. galvanoplasty), written by a surgeon and inventor. First published in French in 1843, following its original London appearance in 1840, this useful work on methods of reproducing illustrations went through a number of printings in English, French, and German; it appears here "entièrement refondue et mise au courant de toutes les découvertes nouvelles," edited by de Valicourt as part of the Manuels-Roret series. The text, which includes a chapter on => daguerrotypes, is illustrated with in-text examples of wood-engravings copyable via the methods described, and the second volume features => two very long, fold-out plates displaying an array of equipment.
        Provenance: From the residue of the stock of the F. Thomas Heller bookselling firm (est. ca. 1928).

Late 19th/early 20th–century half morocco with marbled paper–covered sides, spines with gilt-stamped author, title, and date; extremities and spine bands rubbed and refurbished. Upper edges stained red, with staining extending slightly into many upper margins; some pages trimmed closely. Light to moderate foxing and soiling.  (40654)   Please RESHELVE This.

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