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Great Britain.  The convention between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, concluded at the Pardo on the 14th of January 1739, N.S. London: Printed by Samuel Buckley, 1739. 4to (21.7 cm, 8.625"). 28 pp.

Ineffectual trilingual treaty, one of two copies printed in London in the same year, this edition most likely the first. The 1739 Convention of Pardo (a.k.a. Treaty of Pardo or Convention of El Pardo) was designed to avoid a war between Spain and Great Britain over trade conflicts and the boundaries of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas by reimbursing Britain for damaged ships and creating, through a committee, plans to negotiate a neutral trading area. Despite these efforts, the War of Jenkins' Ear erupted later that year.
        This pamphlet presents the treaty and two separate articles with more specific details on implementation of its arrangements in French, Spanish, and English, with the British ratification statements recorded in Latin and English and the Spanish ones in Spanish and English. => Several ships are mentioned by name, and the West Indies and Puerto Rico appear as locales for conflict.

ESTC T4473; Sabin 16195; not in Alden & Landis, European Americana; Goldsmiths'-Kress 07664. Removed from nonce volume, first leaf separating from text block; light age-toning, one top margin trimmed closely, light marginal pencilling on first and final leaves. => A good printed relic of a failed peace effort.  (38080)   Please RESHELVE This.

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