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Berni, Francesco; Giovanni Mauro; & Others.  Tutte le opere del Bernia in terza rima, nuovamente con somma diligentia stampate. [Venice?: s.n.], 1540. 8vo (15.1 cm, 6"). 168 ff.

Italian translator Berni (1497/8–1535) was so good at writing serio-comic and satirical poetry with double meanings that the style took on his name. Written in terza rima, the present early "Bernesque" collection showcases his aesthetic by gathering his work with that of three of his peers. Donadoni notes Berni's "poems deal with the most futile, most cunningly indecent, or the most paradoxical themes," and these examples are no exception — they cover a variety of topics including Pope Adriano and Aristotle (History of Italian Literature, I, 240). Court official Mauro (1490–1536), bishop Della Casa (1503–56), and apostolic abbreviator Bini (1484–1556) were all friends of Berni and here imitate his poetry, although none of them comments on a pope.
        The text is neatly printed in single columns and split into three different parts with a sectional title-page for each, the latter two reading "Tutte le terze rime del Mauro, nuouamente raccolte e stampate" and "Le ter'ze rime de messer Giouanni dalla casa, di messer Bino et d'altri."
        Though several editions were printed in a short period of time in the 16th century (1538, 1540, 1542, 1545), extant copies are few and far between. Searches of WorldCat, COPAC, and the NUC reveal => only one holding of this edition in a U.S. institution (Penn).
        Evidence of Readership: An early owner has added a handful of inked words and marks on two pages; a more recent owner has penciled extensive notes on several endpapers, supplied page numbers where lacking, marked several passages with arrows or bars, and written a marginal word.
        Provenance: Title-page marked with initials "G.D.S.R." in ink; most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.
        EDIT16 seems to have based its entry on an incomplete copy, for it gives the foliation as 267 [i.e., 167], and while folio 167 is misnumbered in this copy, there is also a folio 168 that is correctly numbered.

EDIT16 CNCE 5538; Adams B753; not in Gamba, Serie dei testi di lingua. Recent cream calf, spine with two dark red leather labels, new endpapers; light scratching. Provenance and readership evidence as above. Light dust-soiling, staining, or spotting mostly in margins; just under four gatherings with light marginal waterstaining. => A desirable representative of the burlesque poetry genre.  (38032)   Please RESHELVE This.

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