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Mill, John Stuart.  The subjection of women. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1869. 12mo (19.2 cm; 7.5"). 174 pp., [3] ff. of ads.

First American edition, issued the same year at the true first, of Mill's political philosophical advocacy for equality between the sexes. The ideas expounded here were the result of Mill's collaborative work with his wife, Harriet Taylor Mill (d. 1858). He completed the manuscript in 1861 but clearly there was a considerable delay in having it presented to the public.
        => Needless to say, the concept of equality between the sexes was beyond then-current European conventional norms.
        Evidence of readership: A reader in 1888 familiar with American history and law with pencil in hand corrects Mill's assertions as regards reality and experience in America, questions general assertions that Mill thinks to be universally true, and also questions as being true other things that Mill asserts as scientific fact. See pp. 11, 53, 54, 56, 58, 93, 94. 112. Additionally there are marks in the text indicating the reader found them interesting, some of these encircling words and phrases, and on one page (13) s/he penciled a border around that page's entire text and wrote "true" in the margin opposite a penciled hashtag within it: That text discusses slavery, especially its role in the normalization of women's subjugation, and the hashtag marks the sentence, "It has not lost the taint of its brutal origin."
        Provenance: "F.S. Baxter" on front pastedown.

Publisher's green pebbled cloth. Text block a little skewed. Overall a very nice copy.  (37824)   Please RESHELVE This.

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